Andruil2 AA or AAA alkaline cell lamp

I am off travelling and also have recently bought a Wurrkos TS10 with Andruil 2, and I do like the low level aux and white light moonlight memory setting.

But the rechargeable battery will be an issue… just another bit of kit to carry… yea, not a lot I know… but I now have lots of little bits of ‘not a lot’ and it all adds up.

So looking for a small format flashlight, one or two cell AAA or AA, with aux coloured LED’s main white, Andruil 2 ( or other firmware that can do similar)

Not a critical item at all, just a nice to try if I can…Any suggestions

Just consider buying for TS10 rechargeable 14500 with built in USB-C port. Nowadays you charge almost everything in this way.

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Then potentially in to a power adapter or finding a place with electric, remembering to plug it in… then unplug and take with you if in café or bar etc.

That is the sort of kit I have now, but if I can drop all that, that will be 3 coffee mug sized bits of stuff removed from my kit. Yes, not much, but I a just really trying to do everything on primary cells.

Cables usually included.

How many alkaleaks would you plan om carrying anyway?

If you are not carrying with you a powerbank or something it is true. In this case just need small powerbank and cable which can be used for various things. Also with li-ion you get longer runtimes and at the end maybe weight-energy capacity ratio will be better.

But yes, I understand - in this manner I bought the Skilhunt H150 which I can used with Eneloops which can be stored safely for long time.

At this time the Sofirn SP10 Pro is only anduril dual fuel AA light.

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Was not thinking of carrying any. Basic AA’s pretty much available all over Africa / India even where no electric apart from Genny’s

I have one solar power bank, that is A5 paper sized, 1 inch or so thick… but the solar does not charge it well.

I now see this question has been asked a few times already on this forum, so I am not alone.

There was a secondary reason too, involving an elderly friend that giving them a torch with rechargeable batteries, especially AA sized one, but at 4.2 volt instead of 1.5, would just end in disaster !

So buy mentioned Sofirn SP10 Pro and you will be happy :slight_smile:

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You could order thefreeman buck-boost driver for fwaa/fw1aa and put it together :wink:

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Yea, I considers that after reading the other threads , but it becomes another project then!

Will do
Missed that reply. At work, busy, just catching up now

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Also keep in mind that aux lights will only work at higher voltages, via small bleed resistors.

No boost-converter-based light in its right mind would boost 1.5V just to keep aux lights lit. That’d be a guaranteed way to drain alkaleaks to the point of crapping the bed and ruining the light.

Same with those dual-fuel lights with lit tailcaps. Only worked when using a Li cell.

Yes I now see the one I ordered does not seem to have the low coloured aux.

Like many here, I have too many torches anyway😂. Do not need another, even if it did fulfil my exact requirements.

Seems there is not one, so not an issue in the slightest ! :grin:

I think gchart did make a booster-tail at some point :crazy_face:

Adding aux LEDs is pretty easy when it already needs to boost to run the MCU.

I’ve been using a modded FWAA from thefreeman, and it’s pretty great. It runs really well with an Eneloop, including the aux LEDs… which I use to tell me how the battery is doing.

The MCU can’t operate at AA voltages, so it’s boosted up to a constant 3.0V. It then can power the aux LEDs exactly the same way it would with li-ion. And since it’s passive and uses an efficient boost converter, parasitic drain isn’t really an issue.

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