Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

I don’t negotiate on the Oxford comma. All lists must use it.

I remember a fair bit of… erm, debate, regarding the SP70 rating. IIRC, Sofirn wanted to rate it at what the bundled low-discharge cells would provide, in order to avoid claims of inaccuracy. In the development thread we were assured it was capable of more - and as Dale proved, with minor modding it did much more.

“Nova” is actually not that bad in spanish, you would need to accentuate the last syllable as in “Nová” for it to sound like “No va” (not going). Per Spanish rules we would accentuate the penultimate syllable (in this case the first) in absence of a tilde in a vowel ending word, plus “Nova” is just the word for a Nova star. The other two are indeed terrible.

But calling a car a Nova?

That's a car that doesn't go!

And the Nova did not sell well in Latin America because of its awful name.

“Nova no va” sounds funny as a wordplay but because of its symmetry, “Nova” would be accentuated on “No” and “no va” would be accentuated on “va”. We would never say “Nova” as “Nová” or “No va”, accentuation is important. We would think of a car not starting(“no arranca” or “no prende”), not working (“no anda” or “no funciona”) or not running (“no corre”), the car not going (“no va”) sounds like something a foreigner would say, close enough to be understandable but not correct. Wikipedia says that’s an urban legend, I think if the car indeed didn’t sell well it was due to price or competition, not because of the name.

The other two names can be serious insults depending on the region and I would expect to be punched if I call someone that.

I generally believe Snopes, so you learn something new everyday.

I was taught in a college marketing class about the Chevy Nova, though I had heard the story before.

Apparently they were completely wrong.

“Good, Fast, Cheap — pick Sofirn”

I really like new Sofirn host - IF25 (21700):

I think that any qualification of Sofirn does not hold up in reality, they are not the cheapest, not the highest quality, not the most innovative etc., and “Sofirn, fairly good flashlights for a great price” does not sound particularly attractive. So I would not refer to why people choose Sofirn flashlights but the very fact that they do:

Sofirn flashlights, what smart people choose!

(native english speakers will formulate this better I expect)

“Sofirn - simply smart choice” ?

Hi, you can buy any parts of sofirn models including host, leds, drivers, batteries etc. Furthermore, you can ask for a current models with different tints, different emitters with the same size.

But it takes time to upload these parts on

Please tell me what you need. For example, I want C8F XPL 4000K; SP36 Anduril LH351D 2700K;I want C8F driver, I want SP31V2 host or I just need LH351D emitters on MCPCB etc.

Here are some parts & accessories already available.

Great idea !
We love parts ! :+1:


Being able to order parts and custom lights is great news.
Do we PM you here on BLF? Can we communicate on


Do you have populated Q8 LED boards maybe with LH351Ds (bare LED board would be okay, though)? And a matching Q8 reflector?

I’ve gotten disgusted with Ali lately, and abandoned the cart there on multiple occasions with all their crap.

Oh… 351d in the Q8. That would be nice.

Ooh, that sounds very nice.

Being able to order custom lights with custom emitter options is excellent! I’m interested in the following. How do I order?

1) SP36S Simple UI (not Anduril/Narsil) w/ 2x LH351D 2700k and 2x LH351D 5000k

2) SF14 w/ SST-20 2700K

3) SP30A w/ SST-20 2700K

4) SC31B w/ SST-20 2700K

5) IF25 w/ 2x LH351D 2700k and 2x LH351D 5000k

We may not get a response until February... Chinese new year.

Thank you Sofirn. :slight_smile:

The SF14 is no longer produced

The Chinese New Year starts on 25 Jan 2020. So there are still a few weeks to go but I think Sofirn are maybe starting early :slight_smile:

I ordered directly from Sofirn & got email telling me my order has been sent with a tracking number on 26 Dec 2019 but I cannot track parcel after more than 10 days - unknown tracking number.
No response to my email to Sofirn yesterday so maybe an early start to the New Year.