Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

What emitter is that ?

looks nice

/\1 . I like it!! . :+1:

head and neck are one body, then battery tube and tail cap.

@Barry/Sofirn, are there any updates about the BLF Q8 extension and BLF lantern?

Thank you in advance for the answer.

Yes Sofirn is finally going to make a headlamp Flashlight. Hopefully with a few led choices and maybe battery choices too.

The headlight looks good, very similar to the Imalent HR70. :-)

(picture taken from this review:

I’m still wondering if there will be space for a 16340/18350 light in the new Sofirn Lineup :blush:
(just because I like small lights, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue: )

Currently 18350 is better in delivering high power (known continuous ~10A cells vs only 3A in 16340)

Yeah, but the 2 extra mm in diameter and additional weight can be really noticable. 16340 lights are still good. :partying_face:

I wish my On The Road M3 (16340, e-switch, USB charging) had Narsil in it. Nobody makes this size of light with a good ramping UI.

My M3 runs NarsilM . Yea, it's a nice little light.

Link to photo album of M3 mod pics here

I'd have to check, but think I currently have a Luxeon V in the M3.

Oh I know about your light. That was an incredibly difficult swap that I don’t think many people can do. I know of only 2 people who did it and both were super hard to do. Plus you ditched the built in charging on yours. The other build was able to keep it, but had to convert to a magnetic connector. This is why I’m saying I’d like it from the factory. Or maybe a factory light that had a more traditional driver design that was easy to swap while still keeping the charger.

Precisely my points Jason :wink:
I see myself using my 16340 lights more and more (OTR i3, OTR M1 and others) dure to the smaller diameter!
But a light compatible with both type of batteries in a small/compact form would be great!
And with a good UI, of course :wink:

I too feel sorry for not having Tom’s skills to do that (putting Narsil) in my M3 Pro! That would be gorgeaus :heart_eyes:

What’s a really good 18350 cell?

Take a look here: 18350 recommendation :+1:

Thanks! I guess I’ll get a Vapcell INR18350 since that is what LiionWholesale has.

Anybody knows this sanyo battery?

Yay, Sofirn’s going to manufacture its own headlamp? Can’t wait!
Also looks like it has the button on the back of the head as opposed to the end, which I think works better for these sorts of lights.

To the best of my knowledge Sanyo does not make 26650 cells, especially ones that have fancy wiring tabs installed to maintain 3.7v. So the label is probably not correct, at least as far as the brand name. I would guess it’s made by a smaller Chinese battery company or maybe a third party company that just combined 2 x 26650 cells and made a new wrapper for it.

Wait, does that say 14,000mah? I thought it said 1,400. There’s no way it can be 14,000. The very best 26650 cells are about 5,750 and maybe labeled as 6,000 so that would be 12,000 at the most. That wrapper is claiming the cells are 7,000mah each. :confounded: