Andúril Thermal Config dynamic conditions adjustment

Does one do a thermal Config depending on flashlight location? Like do a Config if inside house. If going hiking in cold weather, do another Config. If In the jungle do another one. Basically, depending on environment conditions, do a Config to adjust to conditions. Is that how everyone does it?

Absolutely. It is recommended to do it whenever you see a squirrel or step in dog poop. Just make sure to measure the exact temperature of the flashlight when you do it so that you can input the correct actual temperature.

Any coupons for EDC thermometer? :wink:

Second hand anal thermometers on Ebay?

Are you asking about changing the set point or recalibrating the temperature sensor?

I’m not sure why you’d want to do either…

Well, I calibrate my flashlights when they arrive here.Yeah no I was under the impression that thermal calibration is done during your current environmental conditions. What I mean is everyone goes home and their order has arrived. Therefore set and calibrate when flashlight temp equals room temp. Yeah that’ll calibrate it.
What I meant to say was when one is outside their measured calibrated environment and in a different environment for an extended period of time. Like if I went to Antarctica for a 2 week vacation for example.

I don’t know what type of sensors the various Anduril lights use or how well the perform, but I suspect they’re accurate over an adequately large range. If you calibrate it in one environment, it should be good in any other environment you’re likely to encounter.

Recalibrating in different environments may be satisfying in some way, like checking three times that the front door is locked, but I don’t think there’s any practical benefit.

Okaaay I’ll calibrate only once then…even though I’m still going to Anarctica. :wink: