*Anduril UI ...

Which lights are available right off the assembly line with Anduril?
This is such a versatile UI, I’d like to have some different torches that run it.

Pretty sure there’s just two, both Fireflies models.

Hank at IO will flash Anduril to a D4. Just ask for it in the order notes. I'm looking forward to one with 4000K 95CRI SST20s.

...I thought of asking for 1*5000k, 1*4000k, and 2*3000k emitters on the quad. Maybe later, on a yet to be offered light.

  • Emisar D18
  • Fireflies E01
  • Fireflies E07
  • Fireflies PL47
  • Fireflies ROT66
  • FW3A

The Sofirn SP36 is another one. The new version with the Samsung leds.

Where is that being sold? Do you have a link?

If I understand correctly, the E01 doesn’t actually use Anduril. It uses a new UI Fireflies wanted me to make. It’s similar to Anduril, but simplified. I guess people were getting confused about how to use it.

However, it has spring-side flashing pads, so it’s easy to reflash for anyone with one of Lexel’s or HarleyQuin’s adapters.

It’s in their Aliexpress store…

And I just saw that you also get it at banggood.com.

This might have just made my day.

Ive wanted an Anduril D4 for over a year but couldnt bring myself to attempt removing the driver. Im reaching out to him now haha.

“Ive wanted an Anduril D4 for over a year but couldnt bring myself to attempt removing the driver. Im reaching out to him now”

I just purchased a D18vn - It has an Anduril UI …. I don’t know if it shipped that way from Hank or that was part of the vn package.
whichever; I really really like that UI - it will be a major decision criteria for future light purchases.

Dag nabbit. I wish I had known about this before ordering, lol. I would like to get to the Dale level of lighting storm.

I actually ended up with a spare driver for my D4 (I thought I had killed it, but the problem was me), so it will probably be the first thing I try to flash stuff on, when I get around to doing that, unless I build a dedicated test setup.

...which I'm likely to do, honestly. A driver, some long-ish 18ga leads, and a quad-board on a spare CPU heatsink. And some kind of battery holder, unless I ever get around to buying a power supply...

Wrong! FF E01 has the same UI Anduril like ROT66

There are politer ways of communicating that someone may be mistaken!!

Avatar checks out.

I don’t know what it’s using in production, but Fireflies hired me to create a simpler UI specifically for the E01. They’re free to use it, or use Anduril, as they please.

Ah, so it will be so, I apologize.