Does anyone know if the Astrolux EC01 firmware version is available anywhere ? I can't seem to find it in the repository.

Can anyone who owns an FW1a tell me if it has the Manual Memory option? (5 clicks to memorize a user defined level)


Anduril is an Amazingly feature rich UI!

is there an easy way for a muggle to update an FW1a to the latest Anduril version?

Depends on which model of light it is. Each model has different default ramp settings, because each model has different hardware and power levels.

If it’s a pretty recent item, the factory reset function should work. But that wasn’t available until a few months ago.

I don’t have a version for that light, so it’s not in the repository. I’d have to look it up to even find out what the EC01 is.

Mine doesn’t. It has an older version. :frowning:

No clue if there are any newer ones with newer firmware though. Lumintop is kind of all over the place with the FW3A derivatives, and I haven’t been involved in any of them except the purple one. I asked recently why they’re still shipping with old firmware, and didn’t get a useful answer.

So… many probably need to be updated, and it’s kind of a pain to do. I haven’t even updated mine yet.

So the Astrolux EC01 is basically using their own edit version of Anduril I'll take it. I was just trying to get the AUX lights from my D4V2 driver to work in a different host with a bicolor indicator switch LED, pretty much exactly how the one on the EC01 is. So far I've got it working somewhat, but given my coding.. non skills I think I've kinda made a mess of an edit. I've got it to light up constantly and only in the Batt status mode, but haven't really got a way for the 7C/7H to basically toggle it On/Off at least. It's a bit of a mess and I hate having it like that :))

thank you for the info, and all your contributions

Is there some better way of guessing which firmware version is installed (for earlier Anduril versions that didn’t have the version check function)?

I’ve jotted down some of my own “testing” notes (copied/paraphrased from the official Anduril changelog), to try to determine approximately (between) which date is the firmware version, by testing these (functions that can relatively easily be tested):

Anduril firmware revision changes:
2018-12-14: fancy aux-LED (button switch LED) blinking mode (like heartbeat breathing effect) on BLF Q8/SP36
2019-05-22: 2-level lockout (4-clicks); momentary strobe mode possible (go to strobe modes before going to momentary mode)
2019-06-02: manual memory option (5H) ; button-release time-out is a bit faster
2019-06-27: factory reset function (hold button while tightening the tailcap)
2019-09-24: version-check function (15C) ; safety ramp-down if button held too long ; Emisar D18 & Astrolux MF01-Mini doesn’t have Muggle mode anymore (not fit)
2019-09-29: after safety ramp-down, also lockout the light

(later Anduril versions will have the version check, so just do the version check to find out the revision)

So, by testing an unknown Anduril version flashlight, and let’s say it doesn’t have the heartbeat blinking mode, it must have Anduril firmware earlier than 2018-12-14 (eg. the Fireflies gen 1 flashlights).

So, if the Anduril-based flashlight has 2-level lockout but not the manual-memory option, then it must be firmware 2019-05-22 or later, but earlier than 2019-06-02.

For the other firmwares in between, there are more difficult to detect (eg. I think somewhere between firmware 2018-12-14 and 2019-05-22, there were listed changes in how candle mode works, and also I think the temperature control — but these may be harder to visually determine (unlike those changes that can be “tested” by doing some clicks to check if it has that ‘feature’).

Unfortunately, no. There isn’t an easy way to do it. That’s why I finally added a version check.

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I greet all my friends; sorry if I don’t write well in English, but I’m Italian and I live in Rome; I’m a fan of emisar torches; I have all but d1s; a question about muggle mode; about 3 days ago the D18 arrived; I know the Anduril interface very well and I could see that my Emisar d18 doesn’t have muggle mode; Hank told me by e-mail that this is a new firmware that does not have muggle mode; unlike the previous series, it can be reset to factory settings; I kindly ask for clarifications, because all my friends who have emisar d18, have the torch with muggle mode; I greet everyone and thank you if you can help me on this matter

Does anyone know, is Anduril able to control a digitally addressable RGB LED's ?

Also, what is the "optic nerve" / "VISION_PIN" (PIN 7) on the FWxA Tiny85 ? I've seen that Lexel used that pin for his AUX lights board mod for the FW3A.

My scenario is that I've replaced my FW1A's XP-L HI emitter with an XP-G2, thus with the lower power, I've removed the FET and 4 of the 7135's.

Thing is, now I've a free output (PIN 3 / FET) and I was thinking to use that pin to control an RGB addressable LED and poke a hole through the head to see the light.

Now, one problem is that I know that PIN 3 is currently set up as PWM and I've no clue as if that might be a hardware limitation, or if it could easily be remapped to anything.

Second, I've no idea if such digitally addressable RGB LED's are available at around ~3V or even lower "flavours".. Most of them that I've found allover the internet are 5V.


Thank you thank you thank you.

And, uh, is there a list of which flashlights came with Anduril, whether one version or several versions?

I’m especially curious what’s in the Lumintop FW21 available to order from Because of course I did.

Oh, wait, there is a list:

I linked the list of Anduril lights in post one as it is referenced often here. :+1: Thanks SamHaLeKe

I saw you posted at CPF, too, so I’ll copy this here in case you don’t see my response there:

Revision 446 removed muggle mode from the D18 version because there wasn’t enough memory to support muggle mode and other new features.

Revision 457, which is new in the last week after some optimization was done to the code, will add muggle mode back in.

Just a question… When I’m in temp config mode and setting current temp, so clicking during the first buzz, and then not clicking during the second buzz, the max temp will be set to 30degC, or stay unchanged? And if I click only during the second buzz, will the current temp stay unchanged?

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Hi, I’ll explain the thermal configuration well; I tell you right away that there is a shortcut to get to this configuration: 1) make 10 clicks from off 2) after the first flash set the current temperature: example: if the room temperature is 25 degrees ° do 25 clicks; wait for the second flash and after this second flash set the maximum temperature limit that the torch should reach before starting to lower the level; the temperature is set by default to 30 ° and therefore you have to click + 30: example: if you want to set the limit to 45 ° you have to make 15 clicks: 15 + 30 = 45; if you want to set 50 you have to do 20 clicks, 20 + 30 = 50; if you want to set the minimum you only make 1 click: 30 +1 = 31 etc. I hope I have clarified; of course you can get to this configuration also with the method you see on the diagram: click 4 from Temp Check Hello and good lighting !!

Not every flashlight with Anduril has the 10 click shortcut.

Oops …! I apologize for the inaccuracy; I believed this because all my Emisar torches with UI Anduril have the shortcut; hello and good Sunday, Ricc. :+1:

Hi all friends! Hank told me that the current version of the d18, version 11-20, does not have a muggle mode; unlike the others, it can be reset to factory settings; it also has automatic memory and manual memory and a protection if you keep the power button pressed for a long time: if you hold it down too long, the light will automatically go down to the minimum level after a while; I can’t tell if it has other new methods too. :person_facepalming: