angle-head flashlight on the budget: UF-H2/H3/H4?

i keep going back to lights with a 90-degree head for use as a fishing light at night. the reason i like them (in theory) is that i can light my path along rocky shores, jetties, beaches, trails, etc. hands free with the body of the light in a holster on my belt but the head pointing forward. i also like the head facing out in case i end up in the water so i can use it to signal while clipped to my body. i've been looking at various budget lights and read the review of the ZebraLights up until i came to a screeching halt at the price tags. not so budget, IMO. that said, i'm not so sold on the lights from the other end of the spectrum (ie the TF Z2). a bit further up in price, however, are the UF-Hx series of lights and they seem to maybe fit the bill feature-wise. can anyone comment on these lights in real-world conditions where they will be subject to water splashing and brief submersion -- possibly extended submersion if things go bad. i would prefer an 18650 light as i have several decent cells to use for it, but will do a 14500 too if it makes a difference. whatever model, it needs an SOS and some decent waterproofing (even if i have to do it myself, at least the potential for waterproofing). would like mode memory, but that's a tossup. any other suggestions that don't breach that US $30 price would be helpful too. thanks!

I have the UF-H4 and find it very useful as a head lamp, mostly for repair jobs around the house, where I need both hands free. It will run on one 16340 or one 17650 and has two battery tubes. I’ve just ordered the 18650 version.

These lights do not have fixed modes but instead are continuously variable. This can be very useful. For example, I used my H4 with a 16340, turned down pretty low, to read a book for about 3 hours during a recent power outage.

The H4 has a good seal at the tail cap, and I think the other versions will have as well. I don’t know about the switch boot seal however, as I haven’t taken it apart. It does remember the dimming level you set after you turn it off. But you should lock it out if you’re not planning to use the light for a long while, as it will drain the cell.

I find it to be very useful when I have a need for it, and it is one of my favourites.

i have UF H2 but can’t stand the PWM on low setting :~

Hey what about a standard AA angle head? If you’re fishing, those would be cheap & easy to obtain at a gas station / bait shop. I TRY and keep standard cell lights in my fishing box. That way I don’t have to remember to pack or charge “special” cells. Of course, like many of us, I bring about 5 lights everywhere I go! lol usually all different cells.

I am considering this one:


I know its not a budget light but check this thing out:

Hi photon 1k,do you think the battery tube is thick enough to remove a half mm all round inside.I'd use a dremel clone with

abrasive drum.16340 or 17650,not interested,but 16340 or 18650 - cool!

Niteye JA 10 looks a nice contender..but cheapest I k ow is about $33, which is above your budget..just trying to give some more suggestion concerning angle lights.

It runs on AA has: High,Low and Strobe.

Seems not to work with 14500 though.

Output is variable, and can be changed to own liking, with memory.


where did you find this light for $33? i'd like an SOS mode, but can think about that one. otherwise, still like the H3/2. thanks for the suggestions!

My ultrafire H2b actually does OSO for its mode. I think I just got it from a bad batch. Other than that and the aforementioned PWM. I like it quite a bit. It is pure flood though in case that matters.

so what am i losing in terms of range if i went with an H3 compared to say, my UF-2100, which i use for night trail riding. i don't plan on doing anything fast with this light; hiking/walking at most. are we talking seeing only ten feet in front of me before the light fades out or is it fine for reasonable distances of 30-40ft? and on the flip side, from how far away can people see this light? i'd use it as a signal if nec. but i imagine at night, it's a ways off.

I have a UF-H3 and really like it. PWM has never bothered me. It is total flood (which I love) so from memory I don't think you'll see more than 20 to 30 feet ahead of you (again, that's from memory). It has a very cool white tint - I think it's very blue. Battery life is great, especially when turned down a bit. I have a thread about my bike trip/camping trip showing a pic of the UF-H3 lighting up our campsite.


Here's the pic:

The light is turned down a bit to conserve battery.


The tube wall is not very thick so it would not be easy - very little room for error, with a hand tool.

If I ever did try it,I'd post the result.For now,I''ll sleep on it.Thanks for the info

I have this one , i use it at work, it is very bright, but PWM is visible at low.
The tailcap magnet is very handy, and it seems to be reliable (it is more than 2 years old now, and it is still working).

I also have the Fenix MC11, that has no PWM problems, but it does not have the strong magnet in the tailcap.

The ultra-fire headlights using super low pwm are horrible and utterly useless imho.

Some people say they use it on high only ...which would be the only option for me .. they are some of the worst pwm lights I've ever seen ...

I've seen much nicer light from 3AAA zoomie 9$ headsets off ebay

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