Ano's and Non Ano BLF A6's at US warehouse below GB price..?

Was just looking around and saw the US warehouse has deals on both Ano and Non Ano BLF A6 lights.
Ano is $25.99
Non Ano $24.99 and that is about a cent lower than GB price if I recall.
Also says shipped via USPS, so I’m thinking it’s stock up time on Non Ano’s at this price but remember all the troubles with shorty tubes, I bought 5 ano shorty tubes in Jan and 3 out of 5 were bad, so hasn’t changed any there.

I recently got the cousin to the A6, the Astrolux S1 with the shorty tube for $25 from BG, US warehouse, shipped to my house in 3 days. Another option for folks out there.

That to is awesome price Enelooper, I’m just now ordering 4 non ano A6’s and the shorty tubes are cheaper also, so being I love the NonAno”s I’m stocking up.
I have had a lot better product success with the Astrolux brand A6, it seems that Manker is selling their factory seconds as BLF A6 due to all the BLF hype so making the BLF brand look bad I suspect.
Who Knows with BG ha ha

And since it isn’t a coupon price you can use points or add a coupon like 8% off. I bought a non-ano version a couple of weeks ago for barely over $20. Ordered June 16, got it June 23. It had a slight stain on the head but I was able to polish most of it off pretty easily. Not for display, so I don’t really mind.

Also you can use M4D M4X’s codes to get an Astrolux S2 for barely over $20. I ordered one of those last week. Bistro UI, more throw, and lighted tailcap! Not as compact as the A6.