Another 2*AA question: Please help! BLF input required :)

So I sold my Jetbeam BA20. It was my most used 2*AA light.

The reasons for selling:

-CW tint (I want NW)
-Cheap squishy switch
-Useless knurling
-Low mode was not low enough (not enough difference between high and low)

So. In my search for a new 2*AA light, I am looking for a few things to correct these problems. The biggest problem is finding NW tint.

So my requirements (if they can all be met):

-NW tint
-Low Low
-More aggressive knurled body
-Quality feel to switch
-As cheap as possible BUT I will make sacrifices if it meets all of those requirements.

Thus far, I have seen the eagletac mini series, but I can not find the NW 2*aa model in stock anywhere.

If anyone can help me, that would be fantastic. Or if someone can find one that meets all requirements except for NW, and can mod it to NW for me, that also would be fantastic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much fellow BLF’ers!


The fenix E21 used to be available in NW. But even the CW isn’t overly cool.

The Ld25 is also neutral:

tough question the neutral just makes it harder .. oh yeah budget too ;;

Me thinks ye drinks a wee bit much my friend ..

Nitecore D-20 ?

Balder Se-1 NW w/ and extender ?

most aren't neutral that makes it much tougher

A suggestion: Shiningbeam Caveman T5. You can email to find out if he knows the bin, but isn't T5 usually closer to NW tint, ie, yellower than T6? Seems like I read that on a review somewhere.

Sorry. Doesn’t have to be budget, ill spend $60 or whatever if there is a light that meets requirements in a higher price range lol

Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!

The caveman seems appealing. Does anyone know how hard it would be to swap the emitter to NW?

Also the shining beam spark looks like it fits the bill closely. Just want to see a couple reviews.

I was going to suggest the SB Spark but figured $109 might be a bit steep for a 2xAA light. Smile

Amazed how much I like the e21 fenix

It should be ~$33USD.

I like its ability to use a single 16340 in "mini-mode." It doesn't have a sub-lumen low, but it's a very well made light.

I love my fenix e21. Not many lights I’ve owned feel as solid and well built! But the cw tint and low mode that is much too high are my reasoning for continuing the hunt.

I got the fenix e21. That is an amazingly awesome light for the price point with an outstanding build quality and built like a tank. However, it lacks the low low the op is looking for. The CW of the fenix is not that CW but more in the NW tint. Great beam tho.

I agree, built like a tank, gorgeous knurling…but I want a warmer tint and lower low. How picky we can be about our lighting instruments :bigsmile:

The Balder SE-1 Xml T6 3C tint with extension tube is going to have the best tint , lowest low , and beam profile . The question is whether the looks and ergonomics will suit you .

Jetbeam PA20? but no NW.

You could try the Dereelight Javelin. Under $46 delivered direct from Dereelight but I'm sure you can find them at US dealers too.

There is an option here to choose Neutral White XP-E R2. I have this one and the beam is nice & creamy (smooth reflector).

Not sure I'd call the knurling "really aggressive" but I've never felt it was about to slip out of my hands. Low reads about 175mA at the tailcap with mine. Visually significant difference between the 3 modes.

I quite like mine, though I also bought the C2H body and run it as a "shorty" on a single 16340 much of the time. However, you may not like this option since the C2H body is not knurled.