Another AAA stainless steel

Why they dont show LED? trying to lie again? Perhaps is xp-c!

However, interesting flashlight, 0.8 to 4,2 volt support and 5 modes!!!!

Dont now sizes.........

I love the "Glass Lens with Waterproof Grow-in-Dark Ring" but isn't that likely to break the lens when it grows in the dark?

I wonder if it wants to be a Trustfire F25 when it grows up?

$16 feels too much though for some reason even though I like stainless steel lights.

OK, sizes 7,8 x 1,4 x 1,4 cm

Still dont see photos of the LED.

That is pretty small even for an AAA light - it is shorter than the Trustfire F23 - in fact it is shorter than the Tank007 TK-703

It is about 5mm longer than a Fenix E01

For a twisty it is kind of long...

I didn't notice that it was a twist switch, I just assumed from the tailcap that it was a clicky. The Mrlite KC-05 which is a twisty is 75mm and 14mm in diameter. Without the decorative tail end, it'd probably be 5-6mm shorter.

Ah, good call Vectrex. Thanks for noticing that. I also assumed this would be a clicky, because it reminds me of the Trustfire F25 with the lip around the tail. It looks nice enough, but for any twisty over $15 I would probably go for the ITP A3 EOS, which is pretty much perfect for a twisty 1xAAA light.

It looks nice enough, but for any twisty over $15 I would probably go for the ITP A3 EOS, which is pretty much perfect for a twisty 1xAAA light.


DX should make more 1xAAA with modes, these batteries dont have pretty much runtime, so a low mode is important.. I think this is one of the first one 1xAAA with modes from DX

Nice looking, but 240 lumens on a AAA battery?

Ey guys.... they havent showed us photos of the led. Probably is an XP-C, and the photo showing the battery configuration onlu shows "nimh".. no pictures of 10440 batt.......... so probably bad specifications

It's an Ultrafire SA-? orS4 - see pic2

Probably going to bright as the Ultrafire C30

We will know more about this in let's say, six or seven weeks, if DX is able to keep up the actual speed, ahem, slow service.

looks nice.. the wanto to get list is surely growing. Jet-I, Jet-III, the SS L2M, Solarforce L2P with the MCE module and now this :-) poor wallet

One of my flashaholic friends ordered one, will review it as soon it arrives

Hehe....Looks like they fixed the type-o, and while they were at it they added a 1 to their sku number. Now your link at the top goes to a "magic wooded box" .

So yea, not sure if I can swallow the 240L claim. I know my Fenix LD01 is an extreme overachiever on a 10440, but I doubt it could get anywhere near that.... Maybe the lumen rating is only accurate if you change your cart qty to 3...

No, it was my fault. Now is corrected

Looks like it is arriving to some people:

Hi fran!

I "Stalked" you to this forum and reged just for you :-)

I took a photo of the LED. (Uploaded it already to DX, but it will take a few days till it gets online)

Quality is pretty bad,

Mobile phone Camera + magnifying glass :-)

So here it is:

More SS stuff:

Also announced in CPF_MP

OH I have seen this now.

Well is XPE and bin probably R2.