Another Arbitrary Giveaway (3 torches) - Winners announced

Time for my first giveaway. I’m going full disclosure on why I’m getting rid of these lights. They’re not bad lights (usually), they’re just not for me, for one reason or another.

On the left is a Shining Beam I-mini. Cute little 16340 light with an interesting interface. It has stopped working 3 times. I know I replaced the switch, but I don’t remember what else I did. Every time it worked for a few days, then stopped again. It works now, but no guarantees. I have never carried this light, and it is the only one that has most, if not all, of the original packaging and extras.

The garish blue and red one is obviously a DV-S9 (or maybe a clone). Works great, but not for what I wanted it for. It has some usage wear, but it’s in good shape.

Finally, there’s a Sofirn C8S. I ordered two of them at an amazing price (I think they were less than $5 each). One stopped working after very little use. I determined that it was not the switch, then contacted Thorfire CS. They promptly sent a replacement. Once I had the replacement, I took apart the head of the broken one, couldn’t find anything wrong, and it’s worked ever since. I’m giving away the replacement, because I really don’t need 3. This one is also not in mint condition, but it works great, and looks pretty good for an angry blue beam.

If I get lots of entries, I’ll randomly choose a winner for each light. But if you tell me a great story/tall tale/lie about why or how badly you want or need any of these lights, I might not-so-randomly choose you. I plan to choose the winner(s) the first week of June. If you’re outside the US, and willing to pay UPS shipping, feel free to enter. Otherwise, US only, please.

And the winners are (drum roll please):

sbslider: Thorfire C8s

Hammerman: ShiningBeam i-mini

Hondarider: DV-S9

Agro: Bonus no-name tube light

I reserve the right to modify the rules of this giveaway at any time.

I’m in for the C8S, thanks for the GAW!!

I originally missed the part of telling why I want/need the light (true or otherwise). My wife and I take a walk after dinner most evenings. We have owls in our neighborhood. My EDC is my D4, which I expect to continue to utilize on the walks. But when we see or hear on owl, I want a thrower to reach out and put a spot on my flying friend. That’s where the C8S will come in. I do have a couple of other throwers, but who can resist a chance to own a classic C8S, especially with the upgraded U shaped tail cap for better manipulation? I can’t, and thank you for considering my entry.

Nice giveaway!

(I'm not in this one.)

Well, I won’t tell you any lies and the only story I have at the moment does not pertain to lighting. A tree fell on my house today. Luckily it ony damaged a few shingles. Guess that’s a win already. Did take an hours woth of running a chainsaw to clear it from the roof. As I already have a several lights, I would give away these to co-worker whom could actually use them. I would have them draw for them or something. At least they could be put to good use. If they need repaired I can do the also. Good luck to all that enter. Watch out for those darn trees.

I originally signed up years ago just to win a Giveaway and have yet to win anything . (Was this supposed to be a sad story ?)
The shining beam is old school BLF I'd like either that or the thorefire but beggars can't be choosers .
Did I mention that a tree fell on my house ?
Ok wait I have a story :
Last week I was running back from the park the other day when I ran into a man with a mask, dressed in black carrying a large bag .I was coming around a corner and ran directly into him and some jewelry fell out of the bag onto the ground .He looked up at me and kind of froze as I heard a woman screaming from the doorway of her store . I got to my feet before the guy in front of me and while he was reaching down to pick up a bracelet I did a pretty fast spinning kick which landed right on the bridge of his nose . He was pretty tough and shook it off and even kicked my feet out from under me and ran away . The owner of the store ran over to tell me she'd called the police and to see if I was alright .A diamond bracelet and a watch was the only thing that she recovered and I spent the next few hours talking to the police and her insurance agent .
At least I had a cool story to tell a few days later at my Karate class about how I'd saved the day .Only problem was my instructor had a broken nose from a tournament that weekend and kept looking at me oddly . Oh yeah and a tree fell on my house.

I’m in, thank you. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your GAW.
(sitting this one out)

NOT IN for the GAW - just thanking you for your generosity and wishing all the participants best of luck.

Thanks for the GAW manithree, I’ve been interested in checking out the C8s for some time, so it worked out well for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the giveaway !!!