Another budget 18650 or 3xAAA for not much including holster but Q4

Not a huge deal but for who always wanted a q4 and never got one. :P

Not sure how i managed to duplicate the thread. Please any1 with suitable credentials can merge this or delete the smallest one. Thanks!

LOL When I first saw this and read the 1st post I knew that I had posted and thought that somehow my post got deleted. Then I thought I was just confused......Then I read the next post. Embarassed

At least I'm not going crazy.....I think. Undecided

i tihnk ima buy one lol

Then out of curiosity i politely ask you for a review. If turns out bad please spare my head with that 6D mag you might have. ;)

ah but i have no 6d mags. only 3d lol

i have swords for those who cross me. and soon to be an AR-15 lol

but really, i dont cause harm to people. im strictly defensive