Another giveaway thread... winners sirockalot and NightCrawl

I’d have to say Old-Lumens

Tough call to name just one person, but I’m going to say Old Lumens, for making things happen, & also if he wins, it will result in yet another giveaway!! :slight_smile:

I’m in too, but I have had to think a bit about who to nominate.

There are several people who do great reviews of flashlights, and several more who provide wonderful accounts of modding, often with detailed explanations of how to do it. We’re indebted to all of them.

But I don’t want to post a list, and the member who stands out for me is HKJ. His detailed reviews of battery chargers have given me more of an understanding of how they work than anything else I have read, and helped me ensure that I avoid duff chargers. So HKJ gets my nomination.

And congrats to ruffles for such a good idea on how to run a giveaway. Encouraging us to acknowledge the contribution of others is a fine thing 8)

Thanks to Tom E and gords1001 too, both helped me with a couple of questions

I'll say Match .

I nominate scaru for his contribution especially for his comprehensive LED comparisons here

+1 Old-Lumens

I’ll say………gords1001 as well, for having THE most patient and understanding missus this side of the equator!

Her selfless acts, such as, giving up her TV viewing time………


My proposal is UPz, who I have been following from another forum, and always shares much knowledge, and shares a lot of his time with us.

I vote for old lumens

Chicken Drumstick


I nominate the man, without him all this wouldn’t exist and we’d have to resort to the cpf dictatorship…


I have to nominate ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS (Brad) for the countless hours he’s put in to beamshot photos. He has taken so much of his time perfecting camera settings and always posts comparisons when people make a request.

Another vote for HKJ

And another vote for HKJ - I don’t buy any batteries or chargers without first checking his reviews.

I am only relatively new around here but i’m going to have to go with relic38. Everytime I have seen his posts they have been super helpful.

Thank you for the giveaway, it is extremely hard to pick just one member to be recognized since lots and lots of members contribute everyday to make BLF the place to be.

I literally had to make my own drawing from a pool of around 30 people who I value their knowledge and contributions to randomly pick just one, my random pick is…


I’ll nominate Tido, reading his “building a flashlight with perfect modes” thread made me aware that I don’t have to live with fast strobe, slow strobe, SOS (or OSO as one member reported).
Thanks for the giveaway, this has to be the most generous forum

I’d like to give a shout out to DrJones for making available so many different driver programs as well as just helping me over rough spots. Cruel to only give one vote ruffles, but a nice thought for a thread.