Another GTL batteries drops dead

I took two operational charged GTL batteries out of a flashlight The two GTL batteries sat unused for about a month. I just put them into my new light and it did not work. I put the two GTL’s into the Nitecore Intellicharge charger and immediately saw that one of the batteries was acting peculiar. The charger did not respond to the presence of the battery. I tried my Pila charger and it too did not respond to the GTL 18650.
I took the battery and checked its voltage potential with my VOM. Totally dead! This same sudden demise happened to another GTL about 5 months ago. No more GTL 18650 batteries for me, ever. Cheapie batteries are just a waste of time and money.

Protection circuit tripped? Could really be 2.9 but showing as 0 if the circuit tripped.

I still feel bad about buying GTL cells. I picked up some 16340’s a year or so ago, figuring that they HAD to be better than the identically-priced-but-fugly blue ultrafires next to them. D’oh!

I have yet to hear anyone say anything good about GTL.