Another light and power addict created!

Hi all BLF folks!

I’ve been watching you from the dark for a while, but finally I decided to show up and get enlightened and illuminated.

You probably are going to see me asking noob questions in the next days.

See you around!


Welcome to BLF!

Welcome SmilingCat.
Lots of knowledge on the forum so don’t be afraid to ask, remember that the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


:smiley: Welcome !

Oh noooooo

not another noob ...

They come in acting so shy ......and in a couple weeks start showing pics of a titainum light they are making on a 300,000$ computerized lathe ..... just here to ask the questions .."do you think it looks ok ??"

I've seen this before

show us the lathe

come on

show it


Thanks all for welcoming me, you don’t know what you have done! J)

I thought you’d never ask!! I was thinking in an Conrad Hubert’s face knurl pattern but I need some advice about…

Ok ok, I will post it in the right place.


Welcome noob! You exist so that those of us with middling intellect can display our seemingly vast wealth of knowledge while insulating the truly gifted members from inane questions (what’s a p60?) freeing them for more esoteric discussions(what’s your favorite beer). You will no longer be considered a noob when you can:

State the proper charge and discharge termination voltages for all cell types.

State the difference between boost, buck, and linear drivers.

Be able to define terms such as flood, throw, spot, spill, smo, op, tir, aspheric, and fwhm.

Define pwm and true current regulation and describe the pros and cons of each.

Identify from flash card profile each of ten different hosts and own 3 of each plus 16 others.

Be proficient at the following soldering skills; reflowing, stacking, bridging, tinning, pretinning, and spring mods.

Random testing will occur by pm from any members whom you tick off with the results posted in the open forum “daily joke thread” and will commence one month from today.

Emeritus courses in programming , circuit design, the human lathe method, and advanced machining will be unavailable until you have successfully completed your course of studies.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Welcome to the party.

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome aboard SmilingCat Me FrowningWallet. Advise run.

Thanks for joining Flashaholics Anonymous, SmilingCat!

Ok guys you’re starting to scare me…

Specially the one of the lovely and mad coons…

I think I’m gonna need more batteries and lights…

Welcome to Break your budget Light Forum.

Welcome to BLF, SmilingCat! :party:

Do you like cats??

Sorry about that! I didn't mean to scare ya. :X

If it helps any, that gun is a reference to a video game.

I actually abhor violence in real life, but violence in movies and video games are another story.

Couldnt have said it better, welcome to the death of your wallet.

Thanks Chloe

I’m a cat in a human body. Or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know what I don’t like about leds and all this new stuff?

I miss my old CRT monitor and my happy cat partner on it…. absorbing its heat……… transforming that thermal energy residues into real Supahpowah Ki kamehameha kitty happiness.

Everything changed between us since that monitor ‘upgrade’ :’(

Awwww! ^_^ They do like the warmth. I got a halogen heater and our cat asks for it to be turned on so she can sunbathe in front of it. She will grumble if it's turned off (don't want a melted cat) or any attempt to move her away.