Another Macro set

All the flash components are off Ebay ..


Does your setup also work with faster shutter speeds? Like 1/500 +?

My wireless setup doesn't go beyond 1/250 before showing horizontal black lines... but yours is corded, so it's probably doing it with faster shutter speed as well!?

Flash sync is limited to 1/180 on the Pentax cameras

Oh, didn't know that! Thanks.

Horizontal black lines you are seeing aren’t the result of wireless but rather maximum flash sync speed of the camera. Here is a little article about it.

Sync speed matters when there is a lot of ambient light available in addition to flash. When doing macro setups and using small aperture (large f numbers) ambient light becomes mostly irrelevant. In fact exposure is made using light from flash (or studio strobe). Flash usually has a very short duration of 1/2000 of a second or so. So while shutter might be open for 1/125 of a second, light is only illuminating the subject for 1/2000 of a second. This in effect provides a very fast shutter speed.

Didn’t mean to derail the thread of these beautiful pictures. Just a little explanation.

whoa. almost had me jumping outta my seat! :smiley:

Amazing photos. I love them!

Good shots. I used to do a lot of macro and telephoto back in the film days...

Wow, nice shots! Also nice to see another Pentaxian, that´s not too common… :party:
I shoot with older k200d, preferring manual lenses and extension rings to macro. Still learning though.
Was going to get the led-panel type of thingy, but i might just get that flash bracket as well. Looks handy!

Great photos and thanks for all the good knowledge in this thread to soak up.

Share the wealth , post is most excellent .

Oh the flash ring for screwing onto the lens , I got the FC100 and It is terrible ... Nasty .. I havent had time to test it fully , but definitely buy something better ...

Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement!

I really enjoy your threads. Hope to see more of your work.