Another New Guy

I realized last week that I have a problem. I have lots of flashlights and rarely use any of them. LOL

I’ve got a couple Streamlight Protac 1L’s on my bird hunting vest and big game pack just for emergencies.

I’ve got two SL Protac HL’s one of which I can’t find.

I’ve got a SL Protac HL3 which has sat in my truck for a couple years rarely used.

I’ve got a couple different size Siege lanterns.

I’ve got two Zebra AA headlamps and just bought a 18650 version.

I have two GT Minis.

I had a Sofirn SP36 which I returned.

I’ve got Sofirn Q8 which is getting returned.

I have a CW and NW Thrunite TN42 on the way to decide which one I want to keep.

Those are just the nicer ones. I have a problem.

The latest craze started when I wanted to replace a 12V lead acid spotlight I got a few years ago to keep an eye on the dogs in the back yard at 250 yards. We’ve had some coyotes come in over the years and chase mule deer fawns in the middle of the night and I just wasn’t able to get the view I want at 250 yards. The GT Mini’s light it up pretty good but I want more. I want to be sure I’m looking at a coyote sitting out there at midnight and not the neighbor’s dog.

Hello parshal, welcome to BLF.
The Sofirn Q8 is my what-is-going-on-in-my-backyard light. With XP-L HI emitters it can throw some 600 yard. Why returning it?

Nice introduction with 18 I’s

+1 keep that one, maybe change the led tint if you don’t like the current one. Also the Astrolux FT03 will light up that 250 yards no problem and is more handy than the TN42, floody throwers the BLF GT or Astrolux MF04s but are bigger and having a shoulder strap would be a good idea for long walks…


Have a nice time here, parshal!

Every time I think of Colorado, I think of legal ganja even though it's now legal in several states, including my own!

Oh, it’s bright for sure. It lights up half the back yard. I like the GT Mini’s throw more, though.

Racoon, always sharing stunning pictures of Milla ! :heart_eyes: :beer:

Why not go with the full-sized BLF GT then that advertises 1Mcd / 2000 meter throw?

Welcome to BLF, and good hunting!

I may end up doing that. The size difference looks substantial even with the short tube.


If I’ve read correctly, the MF04 is more comparable to the TN42. Or, is it the MF04s? I can’t find any direct comparisons between the TN42 and MF04.