Another newbie from France :)

Hello !
I’m a new fan of flashlight from France. I’m using it indoor/at home (as lantern or for repair/homade work) or for hiking in forest/hills (better like flood then great beam). I’ve also tried a few lumen monsters (mostly for fun).

All started in October, when my wife asked if we shouldn’t buy a flashlight just in case. Then I discovered Klarus brand, Then Olight/ Fenix / Nitecore / Acebeam / Convoy / Lumintop and so on …
Now I read strange graphs with lumen / temperature and follow several YouTube
Channels :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m discovering Tint / Colors subjects and I’m trying to find a good High CRI flashlight

I’m happy to join the community and to give raccon_city an opportunity to add a good M.J photo :slight_smile:


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It’s a pleasure to know you, Kerberus!
Are you a three-headed dog?

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Time to take care about Black Body Locus now, “neighbor” :slight_smile:

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Welcome to BLF.

The only way to really know if a flashlight is good or not is to shine it from the top of the Eiffel tower and have the guts to look down for the picture to show us all :smiling_face:

Bienvenue mon ami

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Welcome to BLF HERARD!

Any flashlight with a Nichia 519A LED will be a good high CRI flashlight.

I did it : I used a Convoy S2 sst20 (in turbo mode ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beautiful! I guess that it was some quality time you spent there.