Another Olight Flash Sale? The Horror!

They’ve got some new Warrior X Pro color finishes that also have a NW emitter. Less output (2100 lumens and 500 meters of throw) but now I’m looking at my CW version on my desk like hmmmmmmmm……………

Oh my goodness... :FACEPALM:

That lantern looks really cheap, not at all they way Olight flashlights normally look like. Anyway, Olight seems spending godzillions of dollars for advertising. The way they kept spamming me multiple times every (!) week with newsletters, charity sales, limited sales, flash sales, clearance sales...(to be continued) can almost be considered as "assault and battery". }( I have finally come to the point to unsubscribe for good. :))

I agree with the others that selling old wine in new wineskins (and calling them "limited") is a typical marketing instrument that more and more people get tired of. :TIRED:

Hum, I guess they should put it otherwise, as they have 3 levels in mode 1 and 1 level in mode 2.
The 3 levels correspond to the stepdowns of the flashlight after prolonged use :wink:

So, the light techincally has 2 modes (low-high, as the original M1T and the i3T EOS) and if it is used on High for a while it will decrease luminosity from 300 to 150 and from 150 to 30.
I didn’t look for graphics on this, but I’m sure they’re out there to see how long the stepdowns will take :wink:

Thanks for your remark moderator007 :+1:

EDIT: here’s zeroair runtime graphic for the i5T EOS regular version: Olight i5T EOS Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews

Despite the differences in measurements vs specs, it can be seen that High mode goes from 332lm to 261lm (in 3 minutes), to 163lm (during 138minutes), then to 33lm (during 157 minutes). At 4 minutes it seems to be around 160-170lm :+1:

How much do you think people will pay for these? I see CU versions sell for around 70-80 (were those on sale for 37$ too?)

I would think TI is less desirable. Still not sure of the allure my self…. Heavier, worse cooling, more expensive… for what? slightly different shade of silver?

When the copper iT5 CU hit the market earlier it the year, it was priced at $40, sans ‘bundle pricing,’ which bought the price down a bit.

I’m thinking of flipping my ‘still sealed’ iT5 CU and watched one go on EBay over the weekend, for $70+.


November 26, 2019 I purchased two Olight S2R Baton II Cu’s, on their Flash Sale, for $59.95 each. The cheapest now are selling for $175 on Ebay/Buy it Now(not Make an Offer). The seller has sold 7, and has 2 remaining. Some people are asking $299 for it.

For the past 3 months I’ve been selling off all my baseball, basketball and football cards/sets that I bought in the late 80s, early 90s and I’m up to $2500, for stuff I thought was worthless for the past 25 years.

I’m licking my chops on the iT5 CU.


The i5T has 2 modes only. The high mode is 300Lm at turn on but steps down in 3 minutes to 150Lm, which it more or less holds for about 130 more minutes, and then drops out of regulation, and the brightness declines like a hockey stick curve to zero over the next 50 minutes, but the average of this hockey-stick-shaped runtime graph decline, I must assume, is 30Lm. You can’t switch between these brightnesses manually. The low mode is 15Lm.

That TI light sold out fast, by the time I remembered the sale had started was already gone, you would think it was a solid gold version. I have an OD version of it and its decent, but I paid about half of what they want for the TI. Still I think they have steadily upped their price bracket to the point where I usually just say meh to most of the new lights and only order the freebie/$5 shipping lights these days.

Truth be said, the Olantern seems cheap, but take a look at the torture test :o

Looks cheap but that video is pretty impressive. Doubt most “camping” lanterns will hold up to that torture. If I was going to use it for it’s actual intended purpose then I’d get one. But since I am not, I’d rather get an LT1 just to have around the house.

Pretty much that :wink:
I am still looking to get a LT1, couldn’t get it when it was launched, and I will try to get one soon :weary:

the light died after it got run over by a car…
the sort of thing that could happen after camping

not impressed :smiling_imp:

Interesting video, thanks for posting.

Too bad they did not test it while being used as a lantern compared to other lanterns.

I have two frequently used Sofirn BLF LT1 lanterns. This video did not persuade me to purchase an Olight lantern.

Haha, I made the mistake of buying a light direct from them too. Tried unsubscribing multiple times, and they just ignore it. Finally trained Gmail to throw that crap in the spam folder…. yup, just checked the spam filter. There are 6 olight spam messages in 2 days. Good lord I hate that company for their marketing tactics… and their crap emitter choices


most people dont care, they dont even open the box,
they just believe they will make money on ebay

and yes, my spam folder is where Olight mail goes automatically

unsubscribe does not work

So I got one of the i5T EOS Ti from the sale. I like the 2-mode interface, mode separation, the forward clicky, and the twisty grip, and feel like I should have bought two when I could. But the light does have some problems, plastic lens, and the Osram P9 is pretty hideous. At first I thought the emitter was interesting, but then it festered… ugly and sort of painful tint. On the high mode, it doesn’t snap right to it, but sort of increases in brightness from the low mode level to its highest output. Some will find that annoying, but I think it is kind of neat, different, anyway.

The i5T can be modded, but the emitter swap is pretty gruesome, and it does lead to having a better lens, if the right size can be found in sapphire or borosilicate glass.

Looks like ebay has a new inventory of i5t TI, 60$ not too bad for quick flip

Their Black Friday sale has an interesting pop can looking light. Wish it wasn’t proprietary batteries but looks like it does have 3 21700’s

The O lantern is hideous and built in battery if i recall I wont buy any flashlight with built in non removeable battery.