Another one from Oz

G'day folks, I happened to stumble across this place through google the other night and am finding it very interesting so far since I'm not really into the expensive lights (not yet anyway). I'm pretty new to this flashlight scene, in fact up until a few months ago I had no idea such a thing even existed! This seems like a more relaxed place than CPF which is good, and being focussed on the lower end of the market suits me just fine. Here's a pic of my collection so far -

L > R

Cheapo multi LED light

Sipik SK68


X2000, DX 18650 version

Ultrafire C28

At the back, is a Lightforce 240 handheld spottie

And soon, these will be joined by -

Uniquefire HS-802

Romisen RC-G2

Romisen RC-29

Sipik SK-58

So there you go! Hope to learn a lot more from this place in future, and maybe even throw my 2c worth in as well.



Good to have you here


Welcome here dst270!

Good to have you here!

Hi there Dave! Thanks for joining, welcome to BLF. Have fun.

Aloha and welcome to BLF dst270! :)

Hi dst270 Nice of you to join us.

Welcome! Nice to have you here.

Welcome dst270. You have come to the right place!

Welcome to BLF ,and enjoy your stay !

welcome here! I am new here too and am really enjoying it. Much more relaxed, and much more focussed on the lights I enjoy buying than CPF. The only downside I find is I find myself using paypal alot more :S lol.

Thanks to all you guys for making this a friendly, relaxed place to hang out.


Welcome to the addiction! Nice collection you got there. Trust me, it's gonna keep on building!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Laughing So very true. :D