another Thorfire KL02

from Banggood, 4 bucks and a few pennies! 10 days shipping to me in Calif. Who wouldn’t want one of these? CR123 or 16340. Tailstands. Almost too bright to look at on a 16340, needs a shade :~ My protected UltraFire is really long, doesn’t matter, just wont screw down all the way. Like someone else said, would be nice with a L,H,Strobe on it.

Nice pic!

These are great little lights. They do not fit an 18350, but they do fit the 17 340 LiFePO4’s that I just got in from FastTech. How warm does yours get on the 16340? Mine was fairly warm and as it was an unprotected one, I stopped the test in about an hour…

No man you should have just let it burn like I did! It’s a nice little light… And if they can be had for under a $5 spot it’s a killer deal.

I am testing it with my cell now. Will update later. At 15 minutes there is no sign of heat anywhere on it.

(Mark is the ‘runtime’ guy) :smiley:

ReManG, appreciate all your posts on this lil light, thanks.


edit: I tested the light on a really old UltraFire protected 16340, 800mAh. I stopped testing at 1 1/2 hours. The light never even got warm anywhere. Plenty of light left when I stopped. Tested the cell, it was at 3.85V Plenty happy with these results.