(Another) Thorfire TG06S Review

It seems that Thorfire is really working to pull themselves up a level or so in the flashlight world. They’ve been refreshing their old lines, coming out with new products, even working with BLF on at least two concurrent specials! (The Q8 and the Kronos K70) I recently was given the opportunity to review the new PF01S (along with several other members here at BLF). Well, Thorfire has once again chosen to give some of us the chance to review a product refresh of theirs. This time, it’s the TG06S. A few of those reviews have already come out. I don’t know how many more are coming. With the comprehensive coverage already available in those reviews, who needs me? Well, I’ve been asked to review a light, so I shall do my best! I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the specs here. Others have covered that admirably. I’m going to attempt to put a little different perspective into this review, so that hopefully it adds to the others instead of trying to compete with them. :GRAD:

The Thorfire TG06S is an upgrade from the TG06. It’s a small flashlight that can use either AA (alkaline or NiMH) cells or 14500 (Lithium Ion) cells. The rated top output is 150lm for AA/NiMH or 500lm for 14500. I did try one of my LiFePO4 cells in the TG06S that I received. It functioned like AA/NiMH for the most part. If the cell was fully charged, it might blip into 500lm mode, but usually dropped out quickly. I suppose the driver LVP is seeing the lower charge voltage of the LiFePO4 cell as a depleted Li-Ion.

I’ve been carrying the TG06S as my EDC for the past couple weeks. It has a nice belt clip, with two grooves in the battery tube so that the clip can be reversed, to attach to the brim of a hat for use as a headlight. As usual, I’ll compare this clip to my Olight. As I’ve said before, the Olight clip looks like a well-designed deep-carry clip. But, I’ve personally had issues with it. The clip is too tight for my belts, and even for most of my jeans pockets. Also, the part that holds onto the tube – doesn’t. It lets go with a bump. As for the Thorfire TG06S clip, it isn’t a deep-carry clip at all. But it has a larger clip opening, meaning it will clip onto belts and thick pockets. Still, because it isn’t designed for deep-carry, the tail-cap sticks up far enough to dig into my side when clipped on my belt. I usually clip it into the “watch pocket” in the front of my jeans. In that pocket, the tail-cap sticking up from the clip is less of a problem, but still inconvenient. A deep-carry clip would certainly be better in either case. The clip does seem to hold well. It doesn’t let go of the belt, or pocket, or the battery tube of the flashlight. So, it at least does its job.

While we’re talking about body issues here, I will mention that the tail-cap has wide grooves cut across the back rim where the switch is. This makes it easier for people wearing thick gloves to operate the switch. However, it also makes the light less stable in tail-stand. Additionally, when I first received the light, it wouldn’t tail-stand anyway. The rubber switch cover stuck out past the rim a little, so it would rock and fall over. After having used the light several times, the switch cover has been compressed enough that it doesn’t protrude as much. It still rocks a little, but it will at least stand now. I would prefer the rim have no grooves, and be deep enough to keep the switch cover from making contact. The grooves serve another purpose too. Since their edges are sharp, not chamfered at all, they make the belt-clip side-dig even more uncomfortable! :expressionless:

The TG06S has a reverse-clicky tail switch. The modes start at high/turbo and go in descending order with no mode memory. I’ve been using it in high mode when I do use it. But, I prefer mode memory, and modes in ascending order. We do get a very low mode, which happens to be one of the upgrades from the older version. But, since we’re starting in high/turbo, what’s the point? By the time you get the light down to low-low, you can’t see it, because your night vision has already been assaulted by the higher modes!

Okay, I don’t want to be all negativity here. So, let’s talk about some things I like. First, the design of the light does look nice (to me :smiley: ). It’s a tube-style flashlight, which is my preferred style/size for EDC. The styling on the body is nice. Oh, I already said that. The anodization itself looks and feels high quality. The clip doesn’t scratch the ano in the grooves when moved around or removed from the light. The knurling on the tube and tailcap isn’t aggressive. It’s the same shallow diamond knurling pattern on my Olight. But it’s grippy enough for me. Then again, I don’t usually operate my flashlight with wet hands, so YMMV! The head has a hexagonal feature that works as the anti-roll mechanism in addition to (or in lieu of) the belt clip. The XP-G2 looks well-centered in the SMO reflector. There is no separate bezel at the head. Apparently, the head is loaded from the back. This TG06S definitely has a much tighter beam profile, for more throw, than my Olight, which uses a TIR instead of a standard reflector. But, being a AA-size tube light, of course it’s not a ‘thrower’ as we think of them. All around, it’s a nice general purpose flashlight. It’s not super compact. It’s not super bright. It doesn’t have a super-fancy UI. But it does its job nicely. And, from a little bit of snooping around on the ’net, it seems to be in a good price range for what it is.

Please read the other well-written reviews of this light! Also, feel free to ask questions and/or tell me if I’ve missed anything in my review. Thanks for reading!

I wonder if i can order the reverse clicky switch from them to replace the forward clicky on my older TG06.

You don’t need to get it from them. Reverse clickies can be bought a few different places. You just have to know what size to get. Richard sells them at Mountain Electronics, for instance.