Another tool AAA upgrade

I wanted another mini hand warmer that takes 10440s without damaging the little boost driver. Put a 21C 4k in a copper tool (thanks for the suggestions)
As expected it all works great from mtnelectronics, and fits nicely.

Nicha 219C 4000k on 10mm copper sinkpad
11mm FET with guppydrv

A lot thicker

ISO 50 - S 1/60
forgot the mode, I think medium

max (the low iso is not doing justice, its brighter than those knock-off xmls)

X80 turbo for comparison :smiling_imp:

This is close to what it looks like to the eye.

Pretty close to the X80 now :smiley: :+1:

That;s nice.
Can you advise where to buy the driver?

Nice job, the tools are nice lights when modded! Copper should spread the heat nicely I suppose.

If you sand down the front of the tube, you can screw the head down to the O ring. Don’t take of too much, or the elec. connection to the tube can become an issue.
Or you can sand down the sinkpad a little.

Or enjoy it as is :+1:


The battery doesn’t last long on high, but it is impressive for its size. Thankfully the driver auto dims if voltage is low.