Another UK Newb.

Hi Guys and Girls, Joined a few days ago when i spotted this Group buy. I’m a sucker for a good looking light.
Been reading through Candle Power forums for a long while but can’t seem to part with the mega bucks that some of those guys spend for their high end lights.
My biggest spend has been on a Fenix TK45, but have many other smaller lights including Thrunite Ti, Fenix E01, E05, LD10 and many small Led Lenser.

Hey mally, welcome you’ll like it here, but your wallet may wish you stayed at cpf…. :bigsmile:

Haha. I’m finding that each forum i join just feeds one addiction or another. Any ideas of any forums where the subject is cheap to purchase and modify?

Hi mally and welcome to BLF ! ! ! :party:

Welcome to BLF, mally!


Hello there Mally. This is a very interesting place to spend time. Enjoy

and money by the looks of things…… must resist…

Welcome to the BLF, mally !

I think you'll like it here.

Make yourself at home, mally!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Mally, what part of the North East?