Another Zoomie Post / Recommendation Needed!

Ok, so there are so many smaller zoomies in the market, and many posts about them, but, I’m still not sure which to choose. I’ll try and list my requirements. Maybe this is in line with many others on the forum.

  1. Preferably a host, but I know these are scarce. Not a big requirement.
  2. Maximum price range of $20-25 (it must be worth the price). Preferably around $10-15.
  3. Should not be junk. I like Convoy quality, but not required. If it is, nice bonus. Quality should be above average.
  4. I’m leaning towards 14500 or 18650, thus smaller sizes. I have a Z1 which is a bit bulky. Recommendations around more ‘compact’ 26650 lights might work.
  5. This is important. It must be a good candidate to modify, without too many hassles. I’m looking to DD with dedomed LED (XML or XPG) on copper. I’m also implying that the gains after modification should be good, and, heat sinking characteristics should be adequate.
  6. Colour black is my preference and I like a pocket clip, but, not required. If the above is fully met, the pocket clip can go.

Would appreciate some help! Thanks in advance!

I’ve done a few builds and have a zoomie host of choice, not sold as a host though. I chuck out the driver and switch, and use the LED for other stuff: Mod: Zoomie with MT-G2
I like this host because it has the widest zoom beam I’ve had in a zoomie. I have a few of those Zuesrays, but to be honest I’ve not even taken them out of the boxes, they just collect dust as it is now, but I’ll do something with them… someday…

Heat sinking in the host I use isn’t so great, so I add copper washers to assist with that. You might be interested in the UniqureFire zoomies? I had a UF-T20 which was good with heat handling and a quality feel to the host, but I didn’t like the ringy beam. It’s in pieces and collecting dust.

I have done a few mods with the Supfire F3 (link), the build quality is above average for a budget zoomie, and has a good size lens. It has a few issues, but I think every budget zoomie has some. With a dedomed XP-E2 at 2.5A I get 100kcd with it.

plus: build quality, decent diameter lens, slide zoom, easy screw-in ring for fixing ledboard (is also a minus because you can see it in the beam), nice wide flood.

min: battery tube needs sleeve for 18650 (suitable for 3xAA carrier as well), driver size 22mm (need adapter for 17mm driver), lens focal length could have been shorter

I’ve got on well with the Zeusray’s from

The EDC120 is pretty cheap at $9.99 delivered.

Tactile quality is fine on them.

The EDC120 isn’t a host, but you can just remove the bits you don’t want. Pill is brass and removable, so easy to work on. And just prime to fit a Noctigon or similar star with any LED you want on it.

The stock driver is crap (the older models had a brilliant driver).

So you’ll want to replace it.

It’s pocket friendly too and quite compact. Any smaller and the lens will be tiny and not really worth the effort for high output.

what is the lens diameter of these Zeusrays?

Thanks for the recommendations. Anybody else that can throw in their 2 cents?

Fritz t. Cat is very fond of this CNQG Host: CNQualityGoods Zooming 1x18650 generic host (No longer available) and the Ahorton aspheric lens
I’ve considered to buy one myself, but my first (and last) experience with this shop was not so good, never received anything. At least I’ve got my money back.

Thanks for the recommendation. I saw this host and the write up from Fritz t. Cat. If this is basically an unbranded Convoy M1 the quality should be great. I’m a bit worried that they’re so low on stock. I want to buy a few lights. Thanks!