Any Audio DIYers can help please

Bit complicated but here goes , i have a Asus Transformer tablet and for what ever reason the speakers don’t work but the headphone jack does , so it appears the internal speakers are broke , would this work as a work round ? to use the headphone wire and jack but cut the wires that go in to the ear buds and solder them to the bed side radio speaker ? or this a seriously bad idea ?

Yes, bad idea. It won’t have enough power to drive the speakers and the impedance is wrong and would probabl damage the tablet. A much beter solution would be to use the headphone jack to connect to amplified speakers, similar to computer speakers.


I would go in a different direction and use somthing like the X-mini II. They are small and have a reasonable sound for their size. Or something a little bit bigger like this (a little bit better sound quality also). No need to solder and they have integrated LiIon cells to easily move them around with your tablet. They are only mono, but they work pretty good with phones and tablets. You may or may not need an additional 3,5mm extension cord, depending on the positioning of the speakers. Spanish links: X-mini II , Wavemaster Mobi, extension cables

I would go with the computer type external speakers. They are stereo, plug in the wall (no batteries to recharge), unless of course you don’t have room for 2.

Stereo systems with an external power source are good for stationary use (3 cables), the mono systems (1 cable) I posted are better for moving around which is pretty much the idea of having a tablet in the first place.

I would bet it’s a software glitch and not a hardware problem. Try a soft reset, failing that backup and hard reset/re-install.

Soft Reset
Not sure what tablet but you either have a pin reset hole, or press and hold power for 10+secs.
You won’t lose any data doing a soft reset, but always good to have a backup of some kind

Hi thanks for all the advice, Vectrex those X-mini look the best bet so i think thats the way I’m going to go , Salim i have done all the resets and a complete re-install still wont work, like i said the headphones work perfectly , I’m a bit pis##d off as it wasn’t cheap and a luck would have it it’s out of guarantee.

I think you will be satisfied with their performance and if you have a OTG adapter for your transformer, you should even be able to charge/power it through your tablet when the internal battery gets low. (not personally tested though as I don't have the transformer, but it works with my cheapo China tablets and their OTG ports)

Thanks vectrex , luckily i bought the keypad docking station which has 2 USB connections , there is a Worten near us in Spain so i will take a trip there this week and see what they have.

This is what I’m thinking. It could also be a bad headphone jack.

If the tablet has built in Bluetooth that might be another way to get audio out.

I think it does have Bluetooth but I’m not sure how that would help , as i said the headphones work perfect it’s just the built in speakers that have stopped working , i tend to listen to UK BBC Iplayer at night (radio plays ) and was gutted when the speakers packed in as i was halfway through The Maltese Falcon. sad i know

One of thee little bluetooth speakers have an internal batter that is charged from USB - seems an ideal solution if you have bluetooth.

Just an idea.

If the tablet thinks there is a jack-plug installed it will switch off the real speakers. So if there is some way to see in the software if the tablet thinks there is a jack-plug installed?? I had it happen to me on my last laptop.

See where your coming from all i can tell is there is a little icon comes up when i plug the headphones in , for some reason the internal speakers just stopped working for no reason i can find , i have been on two or three internet forums to find an answer one directed me to a youtube video showing you how to take a Asus Transformer apart, scary, in the video they add some additional spacers on top of the speakers. You get a close up of the speakers at 9.13 mins with i think the magnet on top where you add the spacer.

Well if it registers the plug when you insert it then it not that problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hope you find a viable solution soon. Good luck.

it will produce sound, but not really loud enough… IMHO.

Amplified PC speakers would be your best bet. 99% of them are designed to do exactly what you want… amplify a headphone output.

Took your advice Vectrex came today from , it’s the X-Mini v.1.1 .£13.50