Any BLFers from UK? We are looking for you!


Sofirn lights can be purchased in amazon UK now. The autorized dealer is 77 Outdoor. New listings without review, but with good price if you contact us!

Please search on amazon UK, find which you like and PM me for code


Yup. I’m in Northern Ireland :slight_smile:

London !

West Yorkshire here; hopefully some UK deals to match all the US ones now :smiley:

Kent - always interested in good products - another torch can’t hurt.

London here

Very interested, I’ve PMed!

Essex BLF member here, just above London town.

TheAuditor and Optosolis where in London are you guys? East, West, North, South? Years ago I had a few fun evenings as a few of us Torch guys all got together for a pub meal on a weekend and a walk in the dark park after.

Devon here.

Sofirn, what’s your seller name on Amazon?

Manchester here.

I’m in Robin Hood country

Finally! :smiley:

Edit: Who’s the “seller”? I only see one Sofirn light by either Amazon UK or Sofirn directly.

Dudley here

Great to see plenty of posts from UK flashaholics, hope everyone is having a great weekend. :sunglasses:
Im from the wilds of Northumberland.

PM sent cheers.

The seller name on Amazon is 77 Outdoor

77outdoor is sofirn’s authorized seller in EU.

Anymore from UK?

Thanks for the confirmation :+1: