Any Deals for: Nitecore P36 - Nitecore EA41 (NW) - Olight SR-Mini

In the market for a new light, still trying to decide which I would like to get, looking for deals on the following.
If you know of any place to get one at a great price, or maybe have one to sell, please let me know.

Nitecore P36
Nitecore EA41 (neutral white)
Olight SR-Mini


I love the p36 (I have a life time supply).

But it is hard to find deals on. you can ask M4D MAX

or you can swap an MT-G2 into the old TK35 clones (lots of threads) there are lots of part numbers for the light so one of them has to be a deal.

I am working on my second one because they are so floody.

Gearbest has the SR Mini on sale, check the Deals tab on the homepage.

howdy, you can go here for the EA41:

use the ‘make offer’ button. Try $42 as that is what he sold it for at one time. Only problem is the site says 1-2 weeks I think. Great light! Give it a try.

M4D MAX did contact me with a few links and coupons.
I was able to use one for 12% off all flashlights and batteries at BangGood
Ended up ordering the Olight SR-Mini, Nitecore EA41, and 4 NCR 18650 cells, for $155 shipped.

The SR-Mini that GearBest has on sale is the older version. Dont think theres much difference, but wanted to go with the new one anyway.
$42 from Andrew-Amanda would have been a great deal. Will keep that place in mind in the future.

Thanks guys.