Any discount coupon codes for AuraBuy?


You can tell me what flashlights you want to buy, I can give you a 8% or 10% off discount depending on the flashlight you want.

OK, cool, Rustu R7.

Thank you for this offer kevinlee!

We’ve got Jacob A60 coming our way from Aurabuy and - if it’s branded and throws - we’ll be looking to get a bunch more for our friends.

8-10% will be a nice discount :slight_smile:

Am really hoping someone has a working code for Aurabuy as I’m about to buy an A60.

Which light did you purchase with that code? I tried it on the $9.59 zoomy and it did not work.

It seems that if you leave something in your shopping cart for 24 hours or more AuraBuy will email you a discount code with a time limit. The code will not work for items that are marked as already discounted.

Got me an A60 at just over $15 smackers! Thanks a world!