any driver good for these Rebels?


700 Recommended Operating Current (mA) (3)
700 Maximum Rated Drive Current (mA)
3.2 Typical Forward Voltage (Vf) (4)
3.51 Maximum Forward Voltage (Vf) (4,6)

neutral white:

700 Recommended Operating Current (mA) (3)
1000 Maximum Rated Drive Current (mA)
3 Typical Forward Voltage (Vf) (4)
3.5 Maximum Forward Voltage (Vf) (4,6)

These are 10mm square mounts, which makes the diagonal just over 14.142mm, and it looks like the corners could be filed down a bit.

2xAMC7135 for amber / 3xAMC7135 for neutral white is what you're looking for.

But I'm afraid you'll have to buy 4xAMC7135 boards and remove 1 or 2 chips, because I don't think they sell 2x/3x boards.

Find a NANJG AK-47. It has 3x7135 for 1050mA. It can be set to different sets of modes as well.

$3.75 at KaiDomain:

Also at DealExtreme, if you dare:

ah, that's 17mm -- I recall there's info on which trace to cut to reduce its output. I'll try that for another project.

I should've said, I'm looking for a small diameter driver board, to go along with the small diameter Rebel LED boards -- 14mm was the goal for both

With 14mm, I guess it's AA or 2*AA light? So you need a boost driver?

In this case, (but it won't accept a 14500)

I'd rather use a single 14450, no specifics yet -- except I like pocket size lights, so smallish if I can do it somehow.

The size range I'm hoping for is something like these, what I use now, none of which are quite what I want yet

I'm still carrying an Arc AAA MillerModded 2-level in the wallet, and a modded amber LED in an Arc LS case as my pocket light for evenings, most of the time; a little Trustfire Z1 strobe for traffic crosswalks, and Sipik SK68 when I don't know what I'm going to need to look at but know it'll be only on briefly (as they get too darn hot used as a worklight).

So I'm poking around.

Lots of interesting stuff around at 17mm, I'll be trying something in that larger size to as it's so much easier to find, like (doesn’t say what voltage limits it handles; does say it’s current regulated)