Any experience with

My sister has bought about ten items from

She says shipping can take weeks, so I'm thinking many of the items are in China.

She wouldn't use the site if she didn't think it was a bargain, which is why I check them out from time to time.

(I haven't ordered anything yet.)

They have flashlights, but I haven't seen mentioned on BLF.

You have to sign up to browse the website.

Have you tried out

I have not. But, I have heard from work and on FB of people receiving the wrong item or counterfeit products. So, you know, buyer beware.

I would not buy any item from at all!

So much false advertising, item faking, non-shipment.

Here is how I rate Chinese sellers: <<< Gearbest < Aliexpress < Banggood

So I gave it ;-) a try and after typing in my browser address bar and hitting intro, the page loads and a window tells me to create an account to start seeing products. This means these fellows want to straight start spamming their users without even letting 'em see what they have or what they seem to go about. Wishful thinking, wishful thinking. As far as I am concerned you can close the shop anytime, my colleagues. :-D

Cheers :-)

I joined in August and I have not been spammed by them.

My sister has been happy with her purchases, though it pays to be careful when shopping online.

EDIT: My sister says she only gets emails from Wish when she makes an order.

The wife buys a few things once in a while on She keeps her expectations low and is usually satisfied. I warned her ahead of time that the products look better in the picture than what she will receive and that they are coming from China, meaning, if you buy a $4 set of earrings you are going to get $4 worth of earrings. Keeps her happy though. Shipping is usually around 2 to 3 years or so. :smiley: Just kidding, 30 to 45 days is the norm it seems.

TopHatter is another one she like to browse too.

Thanks for the smack in the head LMAO. Some of you are very sensitive. ;-)

Forcing people to register just to take a look at a commercial site is… piss-poor imho.

Cheers ^:)

I would rather not register on a website to do online shopping, but it doesn't bother me much if I have to.

Take a look at the youtube videos of people buying stuff from there.
If you buy a flashlight you will probably receive a pen, maybe without any ink inside either :smiley:

Yeah some items are okay. I have a friend that made a few purchases and only got one thing correct. The others didn’t show, or came counterfeit and he had to deal with the refund process of several weeks.

stay away from wish, lots of garbage and crap items usually.