Any fairly-high discharge 18700 with built-in charger?

I have Lumintop LM34C.
Low discharge battery + added resistance of the protection circuit….good for low-current lights, but that’s just it.
I’d like to have something that works reasonably in a FET based light. So preferably Sanyo GA or equivalent coupled with a low-resistance circuit.

Is there anything like that on the market? Or at least anything better than what I have now?

I don’t understand question. You want to buy a HD protected cell ?

It’s not about protection. It’s about charging.
Ideally I’d like unprotected cell with a built-in charger that has a fat direct connection between the button and call top. But that’s the ideal case - I doubt there’s a cell like that and I’ll be happy with anything significantly better than what I have now.

8 days after I asked this question Klarus has released 18GT-36UR which supposedly supports 10A discharge rate and has “3600 mAh”.
Now that’s listening to your customer needs!
Capacity is obviously bogus, but I expect it to come with GA inside and hopefully have a good protection / charging circuit.

Capacity is not bogus though.

It’s probably an NCR18650G, the highest capacity cell you can find, which does have 3600mAh at 0.2C down to 2.5V.

However, it’s basically an slightly higher capacity grade NCR18650GA with higher internal resistance made for electric vehicles.

Are you sure? Nobody seems to have hat cell in larger quantities.

Klarus has switched from G to GA. Anyway, even with G it would be bogus. Because none of Klarus lights would draw 3600 mAh from it before low voltage protection kicks in.
Though I do see a reason in jyst using manufacturer specs, it misleads the customer.