Any Flashlights You Use As Night Lights?

I am using the HD2010. It has become nearly a tradition just before bed. It draws 4 amps, but of course I don’t run it on high, just medium and low. Does a great job and lights up the room.

So using a 5,000 mah 26650 (from Int Outdoors), how much runtime should I expect on each of those two settings?

My idea of night light was that it would be a good moonlight light or a light having a comfortable low output.

I like lights that can tailstand. Sometimes if I don’t need too much light, I would use UF-T1 in its low (3 lumens) or high (60 lumens) mode, depending.

If I need more light, I would use the low setting on SRK (click twice) or BST (click once).

How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Probably never find out, because you will recharge first. Well you might but I probably wouldn’t I’m always topping off my batteries.

as far as a night light goes I use the solarforce I won on low it’s like 5% or something really low. It’s still surprisingly bright in a pitch black house.

I've used an L10 as a night light. It's nice and dim, tail stands, is floody enough and will run for days.

An HD2010?!? I fear you may require rehab for flashoholics if you need that much throw and lumens for a night light.

Roche F12 neutral white on low mode. Very smooth and pleasant beam.

White L3 L10 Nichia - bedside. Great light.

Thrunite T10 - under bed backup

BLF TF Mini01 with keyring tab cut off + sanded down with dremel so it can tailstand - in bathroom

Tank007 E09 for nightlight (low mode is about two lumens)
Also an HD2010 or something bigger for just having there :wink:

To me a “Night Light” is one left on all night. We have a few old GE luminescent night lights in the hallways and two plug in flashlights that turn on in a power outage and feature an LED light when it just dark in the room. One in the kitchen and one in a stairwell. For the bedrooms, nothing, it should be as dark as possible to assure good sleep.

Our family room is downstairs and we tend to leave most lights off in the house unless we are in a room. When I go up to get to bed I pick a flashlight off my desk. I also keep a fully charged light near the bed for any emergency.

I can’t sleep without a night light. I have some of these Masterplug LED night lights that plug into the mains. They have a sensor so they don’t light unless it is dark.

I think my Preon P0 would be okay to use whilst on holiday.

Mine is a Thrunite Ti with the very low moonlight mode (0.9?). I never use the high mode for getting around the house at night.

Olight S20 on the 0.5 L setting, with a white 7/8” plastic chair leg protector popped onto the head. Those are perfect diffusers, and cost a dollar for four of them. (I also use them on Convoy S3s, but they need to be warmed up with a hair dryer to get them on the first time…excellent lens/switch protectors for pocket carry……and definitely “budget”!)

My house is old. The light switch is way over by the door in the bedroom. I sanded off the little nub that is used to hold the light on a key ring on my little iTP A3 EOS so that it will tailstand. I use that light to dress and undress with at night. Works well.

Since buying my Black Shadow Terminator, I have enjoyed how the little green LED under the switch works as a wonderful night light. It’s quite bright and I have even found that I like turning the handle away from me so I’m not awakened by it’s brightness.

What is this chair leg protector you speak of? I have an S20 that I use as a nightlight on the bedstand and it is awesome. I do have the orange diffuser but would like a white one as well. Thanks

One of my all time favorites is the Pentagon Molle(mini anglehead) that has been upgraded with an XP-G, and I use the blue filter that unscrews off of the bottom for nighttime duty.


You diagnosed my problem quite well! All this time with lights and I couldn’t see it! Oh the irony!

I like it because of the battery, which is why I asked about capacity and just assumed someone of our number would have tried it. I just use it to get settled into bed. It may run 30 minutes or several hours on the lowest setting usually.

When we stayed with friends/family and the kids were younger I used a mag solitaire modded with a joule thief type circuit to light the kids room. Seven hours of just enough lumens to keep the monsters away. Now they’re older they have one each for late-night reading etc. First step on the ladder!

They come in blister-pack sets of four, and are used on the legs of those cheap metal tubing-legged chairs to avoid cutting divots out of the lino floor in the church basement… :wink: …they look like little plastic cups, and come in 1”, 7/8” and 3/4” diameters. White, black or brown, in any Home Depot (or Dollar Store) near you. The 7/8” size fits an S20 like a glove. The 1” size makes a perfect tail stand & switch cover for a xxxFire WF-501B.

I use a Zebralight SC52 as a night light, generally on the 0.06 lumen setting. It has a runtime of 2 months (so 6 months of night light duty at 8 hours per night) and is just the right amount of light in a nearly pitch-black room.

Or in somewhat less-dark places I find the 0.18lm setting on my H51w or the 0.34lm setting on SC52 to be useful also as night lights, but the runtime there is much shorter — 2 or 3 weeks. Once in a while, I’ll fall asleep while using the 2-3 lumen setting for mood lighting, but that only gets 3-4 days of runtime (9-12 days at 8hr/night) and it’s usually too bright.

If I need to get up in the middle of the night, sometimes I’ll switch it to the 2-3 lumen setting. I’d normally prefer the 0.34lm mode, but it’s a pain to switch between that and the 0.06lm mode.

Often though, I’ll just wear the H51w as a necklace while I sleep, so light is readily available when I wake up.

i find tube lights best for this since they are usually more floody.
i like my roche f12, and hd 2011, or my blf a8.

I have no need for a night light. I have a motion activated Piss Light: