Any good eclipse pictures?

I was out today watching the whole thing, but wasn’t able to get any good pics. Were any of you with good cameras able to get some good shots?

Yes, was hoping for some as well!

here’s one…

Hehe, nice.

I didn’t buy a solar filter for my lens, so couldn’t take photos in clear sky. I did take some when some clouds moved in, but obviously they look, well… cloudy. :slight_smile:

I was just about to make a post about this but figured I’d check first to see if someone already had. :THUMBS-UP:
I’m in Michigan so not exactly in the direct path but still pretty cool. I’m hoping some of our members that were more in the path may have some to share. I got this one with my cell phone camera held up to a solar telescope they had setup at a local park. The shots I took on my own didn’t come out as well but this one is worth sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing more from other members.


Nice pics.. But no full eclipse guys! ;)

right - we had 98% - all i could do was concentrate on artiness and cute kids :slight_smile:

i did however create a minor stir with my projected images, no one had thought of that

used binoculars, tripod, white paper to project about a 6” image


Yeah, I’m hoping for someone that was more “in the path” to post some. I know my buddy Robert traveled to Tennessee with his family but not sure if he was taking pictures or just being in the moment with his family. Sharing things like this with your family is certainly more important…but I’m also hoping we had a BLFotographer in the path with equipment at the ready! :slight_smile:

You had your focus in exactly the right place. :THUMBS-UP:

I clicked through all those pics. Happy kids experiencing something amazing. :GRAD: Well done. :THUMBS-UP:

I was just joking around.

the crowd was wowed when i projected 2 suns!
2 for the price of one

and brought 2 sons, 5 year old twin boys
2 for the price of one


double eclipse

clouds + moon—> then it cleared up for the rest of the thing up to 98% then back to 0


Only 78% here in NE Texas. I had planned a road trip to Missouri to get into the totality path, but ended up being too busy, so just stayed here. This was still the most impressive eclipse I’ve seen. I was at my in-law’s this afternoon during the eclipse. Cooled off nicely, had a good breeze, and was unseasonably comfortable for a while!

The UPS driver stopped by during the peak to deliver a package so I gave him one of my eclipse glasses so he could check it out; made his day!

I didn’t have a solar filter for my camera, so I cut a lens from another pair of eclipse glasses and then taped it over the lens on my point-and-shoot:

I set my GoPro to take landscape time lapse shots over the afternoon, then stitched them into a video. The camera auto-adjusted the exposure so it wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped, but I thought it was still cool for my first time lapse video:

Best I could get from my phone. Here in Pittsburgh it was 80% covered.


I was lucky today, drove south to Carrier Mills, IL. for 2:15 of totality. My first total solar sclipse, sorry no pics, but pics can’t do it justice.

Here just south of Atlanta we got almost 97% coverage, but it was still surprisingly bright outside. Just goes to show how unbelievably bright the sun is when even just 4% is bright enough to keep things well lit!

yeah in atlanta proper, it did get darkish but not really dark
not even as dark as a rainy day

tint snobs would have noted the new degreesK though :slight_smile:

one odd thing was, the sun had a piece out, as early as nlike 75 minutes before peak darkness

also before the peak the crescent was on the left, say 3:00, after peak it was on the right, 9:00, at peak it was still oddly not centered and there was a strip of sun on top, 12:00, of the moon shadow!