Any good eclipse pictures?

I got these 2 videos.

We were in the path of totality near Paducah, Kentucky. The last picture shows just how dark it was during the eclipse.

Nice videos ImagioX1!

Some amazing videos and pictures.

Great pictures and videos everyone, thanks a lot for sharing!

I really love that 3rd shot Smittymojo!

i drove up into Tennessee to view the eclipse within the totality region—it made a nice diamond ring and beads and streamers out the sides. i knew it was pointless but had to try the cell phone—the sky was dark, but even at totality the phone washed out from too much light and no focus of the moon in the center.

A lot of cameras and lenses was melted i am sure.

Brother lives in Nashville. We drove to Clarkesville northwest of the city to see the totality. Sunset was 360° around. An Owl flew through the camp thinking it was night time. It landed on a power line and watched the sun come back out. It looked confused. People said Cows started heading to the barn as well :smiley:

Nice picts Smittymojo. That’s exactly what we saw.