Any half decent 2AA or 3AAA budget lights?

Looking for something still budget priced, but not completely naff. Ideally Convoy sort of quality. But that runs on either 2AA or 3AAA, not Li-ion.

Reason is, to leave it in a car (or similar) as a backup light to someone who I wouldn’t give Li-ion too. Plan is to run it on lithium primaries, as they don’t mind the cold and it could sit for years potentially and still work.

4AA is too big. 4AAA might be ok, but 2AA would be ideal with 3AAA as second choice.

1AA simply has too short a runtime to be considered.

Compact design preferable, although the light will be general purpose. No electronic switches as want no drain without the need to lock it out.

Multi mode would be nice too and something using a modern emitter. A choice of tints would of course be welcome, but not a deal breaker.

I saw the Olight s15 for £10, GB I think, throw in an extension for a bit more, and you have quality at a budget price. Oops this has an electronic switch.

Maybe an olight o’pen? They have been discounted heavily lately. Really compact 2xAAA, 40min high, 8 hours medium.

I assume you don’t like the Hugsby XP-12?

UltraFire WF-606A is not bad ($11.86@FT). I bought one a few years ago. Recent I replaced the LED with a 14mm XP-G2 R5 ($1.55@FT). I would estimate that it can indeed generate 200lm.

How about a Hugsby XP-13?

I bought one off eBay for about £4.50 delivered - 3 x AAA.

Here’s the link, though bizarrely now states won’t ship to UK? May be a mistake? Maybe contact the vendor.\_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Anyway, order to delivery was about 11 days I think, I like it, it’s a chunky bright little light for pennies. Only single mode.