any Imgur users?

I have used Imgur a lot. I tried tonight to post an image in our Forum but couldn’t. Seems Imgur has changed their format a bit. I can’t seem to find a link that will work. Anyone use Imgur that can direct me to the proper link to post.



never mind, ,got it figured out….

I haven’t noticed any change, at least when accessing it through a web browser on a PC. I don’t use their mobile app, if that is what you were referring to.

Same here.


So just click or right click the image, then open image in new tab and then copy the url it has in the search bar

Like this

I wasn’t logged in. Won’t work if you’re not. I thought for sure I had never logged in before when I used it, but I most likely just kept it logged in without knowing it :slight_smile: Without logging in you can’t get the necessary link to load in the Forum.

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Hi, thank you very much

I’m never logged in. When I upload an image, I click on ‘Get share links’ and then I choose ‘BBCode’, which gives me the direct image link enclosed in [img] tags. When I add the image to a forum post, I simply delete the tags, and … voilà!

THAT is how I have done it for years! Yesterday after uploading an image and clicking on ‘get share links’, there was not a choice of links, but only one, and it was not the BBC code.

I tried it just now and it worked one time without logging in. After that it wouldn’t work until I logged in. Maybe it’s a browser issue.

If your images/albums are set as ‘private’ then you will not be able to see them or link to them unless you are logged in.

Also, if you can see your imgur user name in the top right corner of the screen (on a PC), then you are logged in.