Any interest in an Aspheric lens kit for the Trustfire A8 ? PICS ADDED

Hi folks,

I was mucking about with the lathe, and made up a couple of parts for the Trustfire A8. Using the awesome "ahorton" aspheric lens, I converted my TF A8 to a bit more throwy illumination tool.

Stock lux numbers for my particular light were right around 7200 lux @ 1M.

Modded with these parts yielded 11800 lux @ 1M, or a bit more than 60% increase in lux numbers.

The kit would include one "ahorton" lens, and two machined (painted black) aluminum spacers. Price would be $27, plus shipping.

Please post up here, if interested. This is a non-binding 'reservation' of sorts, to gauge interest in a larger run of these parts.

Thanks !

Here are some pics.


Here's the beam with the stock reflector:

Here's the beam with the lens kit installed:

This is what it looks like, installed in the TF A8:

Any photos / beamshots?

Ah, I see now (cross-posted) you're adding pics.


add beamshots… i might order one :slight_smile:

Pics added to second post.

Nice mod ChicagoX. With the interest in the A8 lately you would think there would be a bit of interest. Is one spacer for below the lens and the other above it?

That's correct.

If you look over on the other side, the P60 kits are twice the price of this setup - using the same lens.

Bump for any interest ?

Nice work Wayne! Looks like it could use some focusing spacers though? I like that the lens is fully protected.