Any new batteries for convoy l6 ?

Hey guys i’ve just ordered a 3000K clear l6 ^:) and now i need two 26650 … I searched for information here but the posts are like 1-2 years old… so im about to buy these ones but im asking maybe im missing something better? Thx :smiley:

well dont think so, i was hoping the new keeppower 6000mah would work for l6 but someone said they are too big and dont even fit :frowning:

Get the new shockli 5500 unprotected button tops. Will give you the best of capacity and output

thx for the suggestion guys! yeah its a shame the 6000mah doesn’t fit the l6… and the shockli seem nice but i thought you only have to put protected batteries for this light :open_mouth:

I think only the protected 6000mAh does not fit, the unprotected ones seem OK - but i haven’t checked. AFAIK the L6 has LVP so you should be good with unprotected. However, the 6000mAh are not much better then the 5500mAh - possibly the same cell inside?

That’s the best capacity/price deal i think - Liitokala 5000mAh:

Thx for the link :smiley: but gearbest can’t ship lithium batteries to my country!

I thought batteries in series should be protected?

well yes but if using good quality matched it shouldnt be a problem, im using Efest 4200mah they work fine no issues so far.

I would personally go with the KeepPower 6000mah

puglife2, look no further than the popular PLB 5000mAh cell if you want to spend your money right:

Less than $4 per cell easy with slow boat shipping.

Cheers :-)

thx guys i’ll check them out :THUMBS-UP:

Did those 22650’s from AliExpress work out?

Being thrifty I do not usually like a lot what I see in Vapcell store, but you are sure to get “real deal” cells from them (or you should). Check their 26650 store section here.

Before anything else I'd first take a careful measurement of your L6 tube inner diameter, because unless it is at least fairly close to ∅27mm certain cells (like this ∅26.6mm “INR26650-55A” Power Long Battery made one) are probably not going to fit inside. Have some petroleum jelly at hand if you are going to take the risk of trying to fit a too wide cell inside, just in case… O:)

should be good as long as its button top.