Any news on DQG 18650 EDC II?

So, I’ve been looking for a replacement for some aging lights, and I had been looking at the DQG 18650 EDC, but now it’s listed as sold out and being replaced.

Anyone have any insight into what they’re actually changing on it?

people will be all over it. so many bought the initial release version! :D

Hopefully they will add a wider battery compartment.

I didn’t like how the battery compartment in mine tapered towards the spring so my batteries would go in… but never come out.

I never got the chance to order one of the originals, so I don’t know what I missed. I posted a WTB in the Buy forums, so maybe I’ll still get the chance.

I really liked the look and since it was so short I could have been comfortable caryig it while I was fishing. (i need something small to either wear on a lanyard or keep in the small slot on the outside of one of my packs) A cr123 light is usually what I carry since I sometimes need the extra output of a li-ion for early AM, late PM outings.

Group buy on the new ones possibly???

I have my replacement 18650 Tiny in my pocket now. But basically I think it was a bit of a design cock up. The battery tube only needs to be a mm wider and 2-3mm longer and it’s be perfect and not actaully any bigger that you’d notice.

The look and concept of the original is first class and the beam is good too. But the fact so few batteries fit the tube and some sub par quality issues I think it ruined what should have been brilliant.

It looks like such a nice little host, hopefully the second edition will fix some of the flaws in the first.

…that there will be a 2nd generation that addresses these issues. I have had this light (the Ti coloured one) in my cart multiple times without pulling the trigger. A 2nd gen with an XM-L2 NW and the bugs gone will probably get me to pull the trigger. A perfect EDC size for the fall/winter when I wear a coat. (especially since my T50 went missing 6 months ago, boo-urns)

i went to buy it and it was sold out :frowning:

DQG 18650 still available in same seller aliexpress store. Looking forward for DQG 18650 II too.