Any of this happen with your orders from Hong Kong?

My last 3 orders from Fasttech local post office called my house, not put pink envelope and asked me to pick up all three orders in person on Monday 4/22/2013 between 12:00 pm and2:00pm? My order from Kaidomain no tracking since Hong Kong posts ofiice sine 3/13/? Same with Fasttech orders all tracki g #S came back invalid until 3 weeks after order only Dx. Came straight to po box thanks for any insight

I have one right now that the tracking number isn’t showing anything. But it’s an e-bay order and I half expect them to give bogus numbers. I have had some local problems lately with the post office shipping to the wrong city and then having to backtrack and start over. They get to the main hub downstate (Grand Rapids) and instead of heading up North they head East to the Detroit Area. Then they get sent back to Grand Rapids and finally head North. This started happening about a month ago.


The last order I had from FastTech, I had tracking, and when it arrived in my city on Friday, tracking changed to “Available for pickup”.

There was no delivery attempt. We called the post office and they said that it required a signature.

When I picked it up, the lady I talked to said it was strange that they hadn’t even attempted to deliver but it changed to “Available for pickup”, and she apologized.

We kind of think that the delivery guy doesn’t like all the packages I’ve been getting lately and decided that he didn’t want to deliver it, but we’ll see, because I currently have 3 orders from FastTech enroute, plus a couple of others.

So, I can’t explain what is going on at this point.


My last fast tech order the postman just left a delivery notice even though I was home with the truck in the drive. Didn’t ring the bell, just the note and left. They are under time pressure for delivering mail to the extent that steps are counted but somewhere along the way they have lost track of their mandate.

sounds like what they told me but darn gosh bleeping bleep I have been waiting for my KDC8 what I wanted more than anything?

As I said earlier, I saw the tracking changed to “Available for pickup”, but that was early in the morning of the delivery date. We get our mail delivered usually really late.

We had a situation about a week ago, where tracking said “Delivered”, and that was early in the morning.

My wife thinks that they are changing or setting the tracking status in a bunch, before they even go out for delivery. If that’s really the case, then the one on Friday, the mailman decided that he wouldn’t even try to deliver the package, before he even started his route.



My last FastTech order came in 4 days as opposed to the two+ weeks it normally takes.
What the.

It might be because they changed their shipping for certain countries to Singpost recently? Wish they could do that magic for the U.S. also :)!

My last Fasttech order (last week) arrived in about 9 days directly to our street box with no signature required.

All mine have arrive the same as samsat above.

One of my orders arrived at the San Francisco customs on the 13th and didn't get processed through until yesterday (the 20th). I've seen it take that long in NYC Customs before (and longer) but it's never been that delayed in SanFran. It sucks that it only takes a couple days to hit the states after it gets shipped out and that the majority of all the delays happens here in the States.

Tracking. It through USPS show’s it received in Hong Kong’s pos on 4/13 and nothing else

Hi JohnnyMac,

I don’t know why there’d be delay in SFO, but as far as overall delays across CONUS, I think that one difference is that going from HK to SFO, they almost have to put the shipment on a plane, whereas going from SFO to the east coast (I’m in the same situation, in VA), they can go by either air or by land.

If they go by land, then it takes 4-5 days to get from SFO to me (currently have 3 orders from FT in that situation).

If they go by air, then it takes 1-2 days to get from SFO to me.

I’m not sure how USPS makes that decision, but I’ve seen shipments go either way in the past, but it seems almost random…