Any recommendations for a good headlamp?

I would like to keep this under 100 dollars, and at minimum 200 lumens (but more is always better). Any suggestions?

I had been looking at the HP25, which seems pretty nice just curious what you guys would suggest.

I guess I should have mentioned that, but yeah night hiking and some limited backpacking.

If you’re taking pictures NOT the uf-h6. It has pwm on all modes.

I know you mentioned light trail/hiking as potential uses but if you intend for it to complement a throwier hand-torch you may prefer a mule like the ZL 502. There’s an XM-L version that does 260Lm, but the 502D’s 172Lm comes close to your 200Lm requirement with >85 CRI at 5000k. So that’s somethin’ to think about anyway.

I’m trying to wait for ArmyTek’s Tiara Pro A1 neutral before buying my first headlamp. ArmyTek’s 10 year warranty has me leaning away from ZL frankly but time will tell if the Tiara truly competes with ZL’s fantastically efficient electronics.

The Wizard Pro has outdone the H600 for efficiency so it looks promising for Armytek’s future offerings.

Great, glad to see competition in this niche aspect of the market.

Any idea what hz it is? As long as it isn't visible to the human eye it should be fine.

Bookmarked, that does look like it could work.

Do you know of any reviews of that one?

I just spotted the Spark SX5, anyone here have any experience with it?

I just spotted the Spark SX5, anyone here have any experience with it?

No idea of the hz, but it’s not visible in turbo or high. BTW it’s probably close to or above 500 lumens on turbo, the head gets pretty hot.
Also note it will crush your battery PCB if it is weak like the NCR18650A. Crushed mine, but no effect on performance.

Here’s a review of the prototype (the production model is still yet to be released); Armytek Wizard Pro Prototype Long-Term Testing | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

Ultrafire H3 or H6

or if you wanna feel exclusive: Petzl Nao. Best headlamp I've used.

Just got the zebralight h502w for trail running, xm-l2 natural light, 260lm with aa, 7,5h at 50lm.
Very floddy but I use it at waist level on my belt, and have a cheap flood-to-throw 3xaaa headlamp if I need some throw.
Really like the zl!

Another vote for the Wizard Pro here. No reviews AFAIK. I don't think they've even sent out review samples yet

these look interesting

Scaru, if you are even slightly annoyed by PWM, I strongly urge you to avoid the Ultrafire H6!
I hated mine, and promptly sold it. It has visible PWM on all modes, even high.

I am instead using the Ultrafire H3. It doesn’t have PWM on high, so that’s the only mode I ever use.
Really, I should quit being cheap and buy a Zebralight or Armytek.

Also, as a side note. I use my H3 more than any other flashlight in my collection. It’s THAT handy.

(I just got in from working on the car, and I still have the impressions of the band on my forehead.)


I just read through that ArmyTek Wizard Pro review on CPF. Wow! Looks good. Went all the way to 178 degrees F and didn’t drop out of turbo. One tough light. I like that it is thermally managed instead of time-out based.

What about this?

Fenix HL10 doesn’t meet scaru’s 200 lm minimum. Otherwise, not a bad little headlamp.

if you are night hiking you BETTER have at least 2 lights, 200 lumens on your headlight will require a heavy light or one without much runtime, I would suggest a floody long runtime light with 75 - 80 lumens headlight and carry or pocket a bright tight beam light.