Any reviews for TrustFire TR-1200 HA-III 5*Cree Q5-WC ?

This seems interesting and probably very bright flashlight:

Also the price is IMO decent

Do anyone know a review for it ?

I tried to buy one in November last year. Which reminds me, I must cancel that order and spend it on something else instead.

It seems like a great idea and I've seen some beam shots of earlier ones at CPF that were very impressive with a lot of light and surprisingly good throw. But then some people have said it isn't very bright or flickers (especially lately). So it's a lot of money to take a gamble. And because it has a bunch of LED's, I don't know where you could get a good driver for it if the one that it comes with is bad.

The Romisen RC-T6 is a similar idea that might be more reliable, but the beam doesn't seem as nice.

I have an early production model and its one of my brightest lights. The current models are said to be way under driven and unreliable so Id hold off buying one for now. Time will tell if they fix the issues, but I doubt it. Did you read the several comments on DX?

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