Any tips for using LED Seal?

How do you get just a drop on the LED? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Spray into a small cup or dish, dab your finger into it, stick your finger lightly onto the LED.

Thank you sir! I’d searched around and couldn’t find any threads of anyone talking about how they went about using it… Just that it might be useful.

Mainly trying to protect dedomed LEDs so that I don’t inadvertently destroy them with my ham-handedness. I’ve bought several dedomed LEDs from RMM with LED seal on them and they seem much more durable than plain dedomed emitters.

Oh, one other thing: no matter how carefully you 'clean' the nozzle after use (turn upside down, spray till no more liquid comes out), it WILL clog after 5-6 uses. Save yourself some frustration and pick up some replacement nozzles before you need them.