Any UK-based torch fixers? - YES!!

I recently bought a Romisen RC-T601 II XM-L U2 from ShiningBeam. Unfortunately, it appears to have developed a fault, and I've gone past the 30 day return period.

I was using the torch with a freshly charged 18650 when after about a minute the light started getting dim until within 10 seconds or so it was barely visible. I switched the torch off and then switched it back on - this time nothing. Then when I switched it off light the flashed once very brightly for a split-second and then nothing - no light at all. This is the behaviour it has exhibited ever since. Switch on - nothing, switch off - flash once then nothing. I have tried it with both protected and unprotected cells and the fault is the same.

I have tried the torch without the tailcap and completed the circuit using a DMM as if taking a tailcap reading and the same behaviour occurs. i.e. when I complete the circuit the LED flashes once. I think the driver may be faulty but I'm no expert.

I've emailed Romisen twice but no response so I'm at a bit of a loss.

Is there a kind-hearted UK-based BLFer who could diagnose and fix the pill/driver/led module? I will of course pay for postage , parts and labour, assuming it's fixable and not too expensive to do so.

Hi Vas,

Do you know what daimeter the driver board is? I think I have a 17mm 2.8A board in my box of bits at work. If that will fit I'll try and sort you out. If I remember rightly your almost down the road from me?

PM me if you wish.

Hi Essexman, PM Sent.

Very nice guys, really nice to see. Hope you can get this fixed.

I love BLF


Vas you have PM, it's alive and well!

It's fixed?

What was wrong, and what did you do?

Oh Yes Essexman, you are a hero!! - Have left you PM also. Didn't see your text until late in the day 'cos my phone was in my bag!

Yep it's fixed. Took it apart, cleaned all areas that make electrical contact to ensure no dirt was messing it up, still didn't work. So took a chance and swaped the driver out. Ta da! works. Today I set the jumper on the driver to the setting Val prefers. Just about to try it out........Wooooohoooo that's bright.

Nice throw and great light. Infact it's seeing lights like this that pushes me towards getting some 18650's.

Vas PM incoming

Essexman, you are a true gent. I can't thank you enough. I also think Romisen so-called Customer Service would do well to take a leaf out of your book.

PM on it's way...

The torch is back in my possession and yes indeed it's even got 3 modes (HML), whereas when I bought it, it only had two (HL)!

I love a happy ending.

Thanks again to Essexman.

Ah you beat me to it. Great to see you again and chat torches.

Thanks for the chocs and sweets!! My kids seem to think the little pig sweets were ment for them? Only joking, very kind and thoughtful of you, cheers!

Nice job Essexman.

For the interested student, here is the faulty driver:-

The faulty driver

and here is the new working driver set to 3-mode w/ memory:-

the new driver

Look and learn, good citizens.

People helping people. Good that you got together locally to solve an issue. I like that :)

Did you throw in a lanyard ?

Of all of the folks on this board

That enjoy twisting up paracord

His skill sets him apart

When you witness his art

Essexman should receive an award

Cheers for all the kind words guys.

I consider myself lucky, I have a solder station at work that I can use during lunch break, so for me it was no big deal. Glad to help out another fine torch fan.

So the standard is set, driver swap is equal to a big box of chocs and two big packs of sweets for the kids.

Just think what you would get for a maglite build!!!!!

Once again, Essexman gets me out of jail by fixing my Tangspower triple headed beast.

What a fine fellow!

Thanks again. :crown:

that should be a lot of chocolates!

Hi vas great to read about some members helping each other locally.

kudos to essexman for being such a nice fellow !!!

Not a problem Vas, it was good to see you again.

Thanks for the chocolates , and the sweets for the kids, they loved them!