Any weightlifters out there?

Anyone passionate about weightlifting (not general fitness and bodybuilding) here?

Weight Lifting = Olympics?

Or Power Lifting ?

Was into power lifting myself quite some time ago , was about 180LBS shy of the world record total when I injured my lower back ...

So no shot at being the strongest man in the world ! [ My goal at the time ]

In the same boat as you it seems. Lower back injury keeps on kicking me down :/

Yep . Here I am releasing a bonnethead shark this past Labor Day weekend .

another one here.

Used to do a lot of lifting, was able to do bench reps with well over 300lbs while weighing 145lbs.

Wow, very very impressive sir! Wish i could had a chance to do something cool like that...

Look, i caught a shark!!! Runnnn

Excellent, yeah mainly interested in powerlifting variants than olympic class.

Switched from BB style training and i find powerlifting much more gratifying...

It's incredible how much strenght you gain without bulking too much.

I'm still in the novice phase but progressing amazingly good. It's fun tho that im way stronger than many other guys with much more developed physical attributes.

I find difficult to eat like there is no tomorrow. I hardly gain a few punds a month. Weights are stalling a bit now and then since i hardly manage 3600+ kcal of clean food daily.

Pretty happy to finaly dump useless exercises like 1001 curls and other isolation junk.

How did you managed to injury your lower back? Deadlifting i guess? Or was while squatting?


I'm roughly shy of 200 lbs myself and 6 feet and 2.8 inches tall but i can bench (currently) 180 lbs.

I was skinny thin till my 27 and by couch potato trining and lots of junk food i managed to weigh 250. A slab of fat with strenght levels that my cat would laugh at. Barely benched 70 lbs at the time. Oh well i'm happy i started this as i feel and live much better. Better than i was at 21y. :)

Here is my training schedule :

Monday : weight training - chest , triceps

Tuesday : 4 miles of running with 48 flights of stairs thrown in .

Wednesday : weight training - back , biceps , shoulders

Thursday : 15 mile bike ride in one hour .

Friday : fishing

Saturday : at least 18 holes of golf

Sunday : rest and honeydos

( I do Mon. through Fri . activities after 9:00 P.M. after a full day in the barbershop .)

This has been my regimen for the last 4 years . I can't do powerlifting anymore , I had a nasty car wreck in '93 . Broke some bones in my lower back .

I believe that cardiovascular training is far more important than weight training , but I need to do both to keep my posture strong and to strengthen the low back musculature to avoid back pain .

Naa - bad genetics - I felt it come on in the last 3 months I trained before the nerve was injured ...

I think it was just too much big weights - too often ... [ My strength was increasing in leaps and bounds ]

I used to incline leg press 1500LBS for 10 reps , and that was just to keep my leg muscles in check , I could comfortably squat 1000LBS , so I figured I had the squat down pat , and at the time I was benching 630LBS [was my max 645 I think ] [ after pyramiding up in training ] and at the time , was the Oz record about 670 something and the way my strength was increasing , I was about 3 months away [ or less ] from cracking the Oz bench record [ no idea what the squat record was ] , at the time everyone was bench press crazy ...

But I figured by the time I could break the Oz bench record I could also topple the World Total ..

Butt , so close yet so far

I was calculating my work outs in Tonnage at this time ...

Bench press -

Warm up , 125LBS for 10 reps [ I was stretching my chest with 125LBS ]

225-235 for 20 Reps [ The real warm up ]

325-335 - 10 reps [ more warm up ]

415-425 [ Work out ] maybe 5 reps to warm the chest

525 [ Heavy warm up - single rep ]

then I would push the max 6something

Then there was my high rep day ..

125 to warm up / stretch

225 - Max reps [ depending on how I felt 25 to 30 reps ]

325 - Max reps [ depending on how I felt 15-20 reps ]

415 - [ 10 reps , did I max out at 11 ? I dont remember ]

525 - 2 reps [ 415 used to be my push weight - push for more reps - but towards the end 525 was my push weight ] was it ? 515 or 525 ???? damn I forget

Yeah I got some funny stories from the gym , oh well , could have got married instead , so not a total waste .

Those are some huge weights there old4570. Was the bench done natural or with a bench press "shirt"?

I never could get any impressive numbers squatting, I had knee damage from rugby and snowboarding and wanted to be able to walk when I was 50.

Na - no shirt , all I had was the weight belt ...

T - shirt and tracky pants ... + weight belt ...

This was like 93-early 94 when I was at my peak for strength , so 17 years ago , or when I was 31-32

Which is why I was very careful to always warm up , and stretch the muscles ...

I can still remember having a knotted pectoral [ dont know how ] but I was benching 415 and on the 3rd rep it un-knotted on me , oooh man , to feel the muscle do that when benching 415 sacred me silly , Id only just read up on a guy tearing his peck in two benching 300 , and there were pictures and everything from the surgery [ had to sow it back together ] ..

And the guy didnt feel any pain when he tore it , it just felt funny and he lost power .. So I was like looking for a tear , or signs of internal bleeding , or something to explain the sensation and movement of the peck [ so much re-leaved it wasnt a tear ]

Wow, that's a lot of freaking weight! That there is some serious dedication. Way to go, old4570!

I've been trying to get back on a regimen, but I just can't seem to get back on track.

A number of years ago, I worked out religiously for 4-5 years and had a very impressive physique. At my peak, I had 19" arms . . . not bad for 5'10" 190 lbs, 6%bf.

Funny thing is, I was never quite as strong as I should have been for someone with my physique.

Fast forward to now, it's a bit depressing when you are merely a shadow of what you once were.

Hey Jack The Clipper- that is a REALLY cool looking Shark- looks like a cartoon almost- glad you didn't eat him, too cute to eat.

I lifted weights a lot in high school cause I was only about 5'6" and got muscular but not very big no matter how much I ate I stayed 126 lbs.

Lifted again at 28 to 30 and was easier to gain weight- got to about 43" chest and 28' waist lots of delt work helps the V-shape and people thought my arms were really big but they were only 15".

I also did some weights at 37 then at 42 but not as seriously as when 30.

Once you've been in really good shape- your body seems to snap back to that or toward it much easier.

I wasn't as strong as I looked, nor am I now.

I was never able to approach a double body weight bench press or beyond like Ford Perfect here( really impressive- reps with over 2x body weight! ).

And Old's numbers are HUGE- world record-like almost.

So I'm getting old now but have worked up to sets of over *100 pushups- so I look like I work out rather than merely "in shape". And of course push ups will never sculpt your body like weights.........

* I HATE them but like what they do to the old bod-from the neck down I still look young.

One feat of strength though- I'll bet I could hold the most powerful Recoil Thrower and not even kick my arm up in the air from the recoil- Impressive Eh?

That is funny. I had the exact opposite problem. No matter how much I trained and ate (and eating well) I never gained weight, just strength. Good for a reaction at the gym, not good for "beach muscle".

I have a picture - taken just before the injury , might see if I can find it ....

some fun for t'day! ;)

Cudos to you, Old for doing what you did before your injury. Damn, that's a lot of weight!!! I've never heard of anyone squatting 1000 lbs or leg pressing 1500 lbs before. Benching 600+ is sick! You da man!! :beer:

I desperately need to get back into shape. Right now I look stronger than I am even though I feel like a Phat Phuk. 47 yrs old, 6' tall and 225 lbs.

I never was big but used to be stronger than I looked. Never could push well but I could pull like crazy. At 16 I started working at the local Kmart in the patio department and would unload entire tractor trailers filled with 70lb bags of mulch. Would throw 2 on my shoulder at a time and run with them to the trailer door then jump down the 3-4 ft from the trailer to the ground then stack them against the wall and jump back in the trailer to repeat until the truck was empty (400-700 bags). Occasionally had a couple helpers but they were useless as I literally ran circles around them doing 4 times the work of both combined. Would load customers cars with bags of decorative stone 200lbs at a time (4x50lbs). I was the human forklift.

Then later around 19 I used to pick up cars for fun. I began doing drywall with my brothers and started having lower back pain (no wonder) and a trip to the chiropractor and some x-rays revealed my lower vertebrae were already beginning to fuse together. I was able to free them up but have had constant back issues since. Some so severe to leave me bed-ridden for a couple months. Never had surgery but overall my back is pretty good all things considered.

The best shape I've ever been in was at 33 when I worked in a BMW distribution warehouse as a packer. We played soccer for 15 minutes twice a day, every day, on breaks. I was losing weight literally as much as 5 lbs a day until I hit 155 lbs with a 30" waist, had ridiculously low body fat, and was built like an NFL wide receiver. Once I got below 160 I started losing strength but could not feed my body enough calories to maintain my weight. Once I got layed off there the weight creeped back up again. Years of drywall work over the years and wearing stilts damaged my knees and back further.

My accident last August shattered my left knee and I doubt I will ever be able to run again. I am unable to lock it or completely bend it and will have to go in for additional surgery most likely. I don't know how I'm going to lose the weight I need to lose since running was the only thing that ever kicked my metabolism into gear.

I'm having lots of trouble motivating myself to start doing what I can (push-ups, pull-ups, etc) and I hope this thread helps me motivate myself. Thanks, guys! It's good to know I'm not alone and even better to be inspired by those of you in better condition than I. :)

Johnny, can I suggest swimming? Not the same as running, but maybe a whole new possibility. And can you still cycle? That's a great one for fitness, and no shortage of guys here to advise. I'm going to try both these activities as soon as I'm able. My story is similar to yours. I'm 49, just under 6' and nearly 200lbs, at least 30lbs of which is pure flab, mostly around the belly. I'm desperately out of shape, largely due to various smoking related illnesses (heart, arteries) but also due to poor diet. I spent most of my working life in the building trade as a plasterer, and I too spent 1000's of hours up on the stilts. And you're right, it does the knees and back no favours whatsoever :\

I also was always strong for my size. Never got as far as benching twice my own weight, but then I was never dedicated enough to the training. Got up to about 200lb reps, and at work in my younger days I used to show off by carrying two 112lb bags of cement or plaster up stairs. Not a vast weight, but I only weighed about 150lbs myself.

I've now - finally! - quit smoking after a heart procedure. Don't know if I'll stay off the weed or not, but determined to really try this time. Something about parenthood, maybe; I look at my 5 year old daughter and want to be there for her as she goes through the ordeal of growing up.

But the problem is that I also cannot exercise at the moment due to major leg/back pains. These started at the same time as the angina, and I assumed that there was a common cause, but apparently the leg/back symptoms are very like sciatica, so it could all be a coincidence. It's horrible to see an old photo of myself with a lean, muscular physique and then catch sight of my reflection in the mirror..

My main battle now is with smoking, and in a way I'm fortunate (sort of) in that I don't really have to do anything else to feel a sense of real achievement other than going another day without lighting up. I think this feeling of having accomplished some measurable progress is increasingly necessary as we age to help maintain enthusiasm; it's a poor attitude from me, but sooo many things now just seem not worth the effort. A good - and sad - example happened last summer. Queuing for ice cream with my little one, we got chatting to a couple of very attractive young mums. It was only afterwards that I realised I hadn't even bothered to try to suck my stomach in.. :\

But I'm going to give fitness one last shot. Many here at BLF are an inspiration; Jack looks great for a guy with gray in his whiskers, and if cehowardGS can still skydive and workout at 70+ then I've really no excuse. Got hospital appointments next week to see what's the cause of these lower body pains. If they can get me properly mobile again, I'm determined to hit my 50's running