Anybody else see the bunfight on cpf about extremebeam / extremebeamtactical ?

If I were still in the Military, or if I were a Policeman or Fireman, I would not feel reassured to learn that CPF takes no responsibility for claims made by Advertizers.

Oh well, dead men can't complain when their clone of an UltraFire craps out on them after they were told that ExtremeBeam is the best in the world.

Nor do any of the traditional media, TV, newspapers, radio, etc.

Well handled RedForest, I agree with you entirely.

brilliant! What a plan though right? Sell great lights at 500% markup and make crazy claims to a audience already patterned to paying for marketing hype.

Just wish I had thought of it first

It has been years since I even peeked in over @ CPF, they just, generally, never seemed like a group of good natured, down to earth guys and gals. But I do know who Greta is... and this post and the two that preceded it show just how much better BLF is at simply being less serious and more fun while still providing all the flashlight knowledge. Best laugh of the day, Chicago X, best laugh of the day.

By the way, what exactly is a 'bunfight'?

Hmmm... from that definition, I don't think I should have called this a bunfight, as I don't think it's petty or overblown. Respect to RedForest UK for starting it.

Don't worry about it, I took it as tongue in cheek anyway. The CPF thread was starting to get a bit out of hand in the end anyway..

I love the way she has locked the thread, presumably to protect her sponsor from any further embarrassment. Nice and impartial there!