Anybody got info about that Nanjg 105c driver?

Found those in Convoy C8 flashlights, SMO reflector
Its strange that its marked as 105c, has 4 stars but soldering them changes nothing- it has missing parts on the other side , plus a brass pull instead of the standart spring
It doesnt blink on low mode too- has the typical 5 standart modes

I can't read the main controller chip... Is it the normal Atiny or have the markings been removed?

Looks like a non-attiny 105C. You can get the Nanjg ak47 and ak-101 without the attiny as well, and they're cheaper.

Where did you buy that Convoy? I've never seen one with a driver like that in it.

When you order( from Banggood) Convoy C8 w SMO reflector you get a flashlight with exacly that kind of driver, we got recently a dosen of those- all the drivers inside are the same as this one

If one orders a C8 with an orange peel refletor the driver inside is 105d

Indeed , the main controler is clean - no brand or anything

Looks like pin 1 (i.e. where the dot is) on the micro is connected to the diode (V+)? Opposite pin would be ground. If so then it is a PIC or PIC clone.

That weird brass lump makes it obvious that someone has physically modified a Nanjg-105c with a soldering iron or reflow device and installed it in your light. Maybe the manufacturer, maybe some kid in his mother’s basement, IDK.

Either way, you were sold a Nanjg-105c but what you got isn’t that, regardless of any silk-screened lettering. The fact that it doesn’t behave properly is confirmation.

If it were me, I would return it (angrily, but that’s just me) under warranty, or get a refund, or a replacement with the proper parts. If you paid with PayPal, open a dispute first, in case your 45 days is close to ending (IIRC you have some limit as to how long you can wait before opening a dispute…).

This is why I prefer to build my own…

(Putting the brass lump on there was doubly stupid of them. Not only does it make no sense, since the spring cushions the battery which the lump will damage; it also telegraphs the fact that someone has been hacking on your parts! Not the kind of mind I want working on my electronics!!!)

THANK YOU and DBSS for bringing the actions of this vendor to everyone’s attention. I’m sure we’ll all be more careful in our dealings with them as a result of your sacrifices.

Looks just like a 105C without voltage divider. You might see if a blob of solder across pins 3&4 result in 3-mode. And try it with a drained cell. I think pic mcu’s have internal lvp but if this is an Attiny clone it might be missing low voltage warning.

Yep it doesnt have low voltage warning…the worst possible 105c :bigsmile:
SO, i would say Avoid C8 with SMO reflector( from Banggood)……btw, the reflector itself is the best C8 SMO reflecotor i have seen so far…

Got this one the other week, opened it up and got this surprise, also the brass lump has a sharp point which I had to sand down. Safe to say my next C8 won’t be coming from banggood, especially with its semi hollow pill

It sounds like the bought hosts from Convoy then put in the cheapest stuff they could get to fill it because I've never seen or heard of one coming from Convoy like that.