Anybody Recommend Budget Knife Sharpener?

Like the title sez.

Any tried and true budget knife sharpeners for Idiot like me out there that won’t break the bank but do a nice job on my newly acquired blades.

Something that a beginner can handle and not FXXK up the blades?

Funny how one can start out with flashlights and all of a sudden get off into the knife world as a second addiction. You guys are bad influence. :smiley:

Thanks In Advance. :beer:

hi streamer, i like:

B9popular standard model, clone of clone similar to Sipik clones, omg really works beautifully, versatile, for occasional or serious applications

Maybe not a budget system but the Spyderco Sharpmaker is quite popular with pretty good results.
Essential the same system
Always been more of a freehand sharpener.

Great idea they are relatively cheap and work well.

You hold the knife and pass the blade down the sticks, this one has medium and fine sticks, if you can hold a knife straight you can get great results without wrecking your blade.

Budget Knife Sharpener - - a few sheets of Wet Dry Sandpaper in several grits from #220 to #2000 grit will sharpen anything…that and some water…(unlike some others, I use wet/dry paper “wet”.)… for under $5 it’s reasonably idiot proof…:slight_smile:

For more dough, a 6” Norton Fine India Stone will do 90% of all sharpening tasks that require a stone.

A glass rod or a smooth steel is the #1 handy item to have around and is indispensable in the kitchen…and an old leather belt for a strop if you want to shave with your knives. You’ll also need some mineral oil for the stone.

Learn how to sharpen on your old kitchen knives.

Unless you use your knives to chip concrete, that’s all you’ll ever need, but if you do need to put an edge on some old really beat up concrete cutting blades, the Wet Dry Sandpaper will do that as well.

All this stuff can be had for under $20.

I highly recommend the Sharpmaker too. It is great for maintaining a super sharp edge but I just got this Professional Kitchen Sharpening Kit System a while back and I really like it. The stones wear out kind of fast, but the device itself is very sturdy when suctioned on to flat surface. For thirty bucks, it is a no brainer as a low cost sharpener.

I just ordered an assortment of Moldmaster stones from Congress Tool that are supposed to be a lot better than the stones that came with the sharpener.

I plan on maintaining with the Sharpmaker and doing my heavy profiling with the above system.

I'm not a great knife sharpener ..Imo it's more about the steel of the blade /technique /and the fact the blade is out of alignment..sharpen your knives and then use your steel way more often .they aren't dull just whacked out of alignment.

I think I heard a good chef say noobs are endlessly grinding away material to get knives sharp.His opinion was knives should only need to be sharpened a couple times a year max and offered to run them thru his $300 machine and touch them up any time I wanted to bring them in .

If you got a good local buther ask them to do it
Most will be nice enough to do it cheap if not free if you buy some meat from them

Here’s the thread discussing various sharpeners:

I myself have ordered the $25-30 eBay sharpener ones, will let you know when it arrives. :slight_smile: