Anybody reviewed the XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U3?

Just wondering if anyone has reviewed the newest version of this light. Or if you have this light, what are your thoughts on it.

Got one on order, tracking showed it's local, but didn't come today ... I got a mod'ed LightMalls C8 U2 w/U3 1C and running at 3.8A - interesting to compare with. The LightMalls C8, for some reason, does really well - I think it's the reflector or low resistance in the switch/body because it blows away another XML C8 I got from TMART - same updated emitter (U3 1C), same 3.8A modded driver.

I hate it when that happens. I am interested to see it when it comes. Would you be willing to post some comparison pics?

I have one due tomorrow or next week, it will be my first 18650 light.

When I look at the battery test charts by HJK I get the impression that next to the LG, that the Red Sanyo 2600mAh battery is the best match-up for the light, I hope someone comments on that.

I have one. What specifically would you like to know? I only have the U3 version so can’t compare it to another. The light itself is beautiful. The reflector and window immaculate! Tailcap threads came properly lubed, the other threads, not much lube but, not bone dry. The reflector was not tightly screwed into the heatsink but didn’t affect beam quality. (It’s an easy fix anyhow.) The light feels quite heavy and consequently, heat is well distributed and the light does not get screaming hot on high. (ambient temperature at the time of the test was approximately 28-29 deg C.) I’m using the Sanyo, 2600mAh cell.

The biggest complaint I’ll mention is the tailcap switch. It’s a bit hard to depress and given the recessed nature, only the tip of my thumb or index finger can be used to turn or off the light. Mode changes are much easier.

Yeah, I have two of these coming, getting anxious :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultrafire C8 Cree XM-L U3 1800-Lumen 5 Modes LED Flashlight (1 x 18650)

Ordered: 2
Shipped: 2

Ultrafire C8 Cree XM-L U3 1800-Lumen 5 Modes LED Flashlight (1 x 18650)

Brand: UltraFire
Model: C8
LED Emitter Type: 1xCREE XM-L U3
Luminous Flux: 1800-Lumen
Lamp Life: 100,000 Hours
Power Source:
1 x 18650 (Not Included)

Modes: 5(High>Mid>Low>Strobe>SOS)
Input Voltage: 4.2V
Operate temperature: –20 ~ +50 degrees celsius
Switch: Tactic Click
Shakeproof and waterproof

Lens: Glass
Reflector: SMO
Current: Max 4000mA Current Output (manufacturer rated)
Dimensions: 15.4cm(Length) x 4.5cm(Diameter)
Weight: 0.23 kg
Materal of Product: Aluminium Alloy
Flashlight processing technology:
Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body with Anti Scratching Type III Hard Anodizatio

Flomotion nice find! Looks just my XinTD (although mine isn’t shakeproof.) {BTW, I’m shaking it vigorously now as proof of lack of shakeproofness but, you can’t see so will have to take my word for it. :8) )

when did you order? my C8 U3 just came in yesterday. very nice light.


I got the LightMalls C8 U2, then upgraded to U3. The XinTD will have a brass pill, while the LightMalls has aluminum with a brass ring for the driver mount (full brass is always better). Plus the LightMalls has basically a Direct Drive driver w/annoying 5 modes, while the XinTD has a modder's Nanjg truely regulated driver with your choice of modes. You could buy the LightMalls, throw in $5-$10 in parts and get something comparable to a XinTD, but you probably still won't get the same quality of the flashlight body, reflector (screw-in on the XinTD), lens, switch, etc.

On my LightMalls C8 U2, I got as high as 5.1A on a fresh Panasonic 2900 unprotected, even though the specs say 3A regulated - you can't believe those published specs - they are pure fiction, I would expect the same from the C8 U3 specs. I woud still recommend this light though - it is very bright, high amps, seems to have a well designed reflector, but there's no predicting if the one you buy today is the same or not. The XinTD is a well known quality light with a long history of true improvements from a great reseller that advertises with true specs.

If I were to buy the LightMalls C8 U3 today, I would hope I still got a good foundation light, then put in a Nanjg or KD V2 driver and run it at 3.5-3.8A with extra 7135's (my LightMalls C8 is now running a KD V2 driver at 3.8A). For the XinTD I got coming in, I plan on adding 2-3 7135's to get it up to 3.5A or 3.85A, depending if I can improve the heat mgt by much, and if I plan on keeping it or gifting it.

Do these use the same driver as this one?

Very, very doubtful - LightMalls says a driver is 3000mA regulated (C8 U2, UF-V3 U2, etc.), when in fact it's not, not even close - pure fabrication, but all the other budget light retailers do the same thing. The Intl-Outdoor XinTD uses a true regulated driver, Nanjg, based on the 7135 design. I assume the C8 U3 is the same light as their C8 U2, just with an emitter upgrade. They monkeyed with the amps spec to call it 4000mA regulated now instead of 3000mA, I'm guessing - only thing changed about the driver is probably the published spec .

Any beamshots of the XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U3 ?

Got the XinTD C8 U3, and the quality is impressive - lives up to what others have been preaching. Ceiling bounce is impressive for 2.8A stock, not as good as my LightMalls C8 w/U3 and running 3.8A. Already pulled the driver out - the pill is impressive - lots of brass material. Really like the screw in reflector - think I'll add some thermal grease on those threads.

I will be adding 1-2 copper 5/8" 18 gauge discs in the pill, it has the space, but not a ton of space (I put 5 of these discs in my HD2010). Not sure if I should make it 3.5A or 3.85A - got lots of 7135 350ma's now. At stock 2.8A it stays really cool - after the mods I'm sure it will be cranking ...

Wondering if I should "pot the pill". I'm assuming that means filling out the remaining pill space with thermal grease or epoxy. I'd prefer using grease in case I get back in there. Only other thing is the wires - I don't believe they are using the better 22 gauge, high temp stuff you get with a KD V2 driver - I-O parts/drivers all come with the thinner crap. I think I read Old-Lumens gets his better quality wires off an ebay seller - they are hard to find... IlluminationSupply has them with teflon insulation but not in proper colors - only 1 color of 22 gauge for now - he's horrible with stocking the wires.

Wish I could post beamshots but never took them before - would need to set that up at some point. I already started the mod though...

I ordered the XinTD C8 2 mode U3 version from LED Flashlight International Outdoor Store. it shipped on the 21st. How long did it take for yours to arrive?

Ordered on Dec 9th, shipped 12/12, delivered 12/24. If yours takes the same time, end of this week, but there are holidays in there. I ended up using 2 copper discs, added 2 7135 350's so it measures 3.51A , where 3.5A is adding up the 7135's. Ceiling bounce test went from 142 lux to 162 lux. It's doing about the same measurement as my LightMalls C8 U2 (a good C8), modified to 3.8A and a U3 1C in it. The ceiling bounce test doesn't tell the whole story - from what I'm seeing in the lights I've tested, lights that are throwy lose some lux in a ceiling bounce test, so the XinTD is a mix of flood and throw. Also, the modded XinTD gets warm after 6-8 mins, but not super hot. Think it was worth the effort to put the mod in and I don't think going to 3.85A makes much of a difference.

Not sure if you are interested in modding yours, but I got the 7135's if you need them - I'm close by, or I'd do it for you, let me know.

Tom, you do live close by. I live right off Jericho Turnpike near the Mall. We should talk sometime..

My XinTD C8 was shipped on 12/12/12 but has not yet arrived.

I will be interested in hearing how long it takes and your impressions when you get it :slight_smile:

Pics with some of my other lights (jacob, 7G9, J18, 2 other C8's, T2, EDC, SK68 clone). Note the XinTD is longer than most C8's but only because the tailcap is longer - everything else is the same size as the 2 other UF C8's I have:

Driver w/2 added 7135's:

The XinTD pill shown with driver:

Backside view of driver mod on the pill:

Another view:

Copper discs, 2 soldered together, w/cutout for wires:

Showing the width of the 2 18 gauge discs (5/8"):

Thermal grease to fill the hole:

Epoxy applied:

Driver installed w/solder points:

I’ve got my U3s coming from Lightmalls and a whole bunch more. I’d love to compare the lightmalls with the Intloutdoors U3 stock.